Consultants & Consulting Organizations Directory Series

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  • In an increasingly complex and sophisticated marketplace, businesses are spending more on consulting services than ever before. Keep up with this healthy, growing and dynamic segment of the U.S. and Canadian economies with Consultants & Consulting Organizations Directory. You'll find complete contact information as well as full, clear, and concise descriptions of each organization's activities. More than 26,000 firms and individuals listed are arranged in subject sections under 14 general fields of consulting activity, ranging from agriculture to marketing. More than 400 specialties are represented, including finance, computers, fund-raising, and others.


Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive listings that contain full contact information as well as a wealth of descriptive information (when available).
  • Easy-to-use, categorical arrangement of entries.
  • Covers consulting firms and individuals in 14 general areas of consulting activity, including: Business and Finance, Computer Technology, Health and Medicine, Management, and more.