War, Peace, and Democracy in America: Series 2: Fight for Freedom, Inc. Records, 1940-1942

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From the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton University

Fight for Freedom, Inc. (FFF), a national citizen's organization established in April 1941, was a leading proponent of full American participation in World War II. In addition, FFF worked to preserve fundamental American freedoms at home. An offshoot of the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies, FFF was supported by average citizens, as well as prominent educators, labor leaders, authors and playwrights, clergy, stage and screen actors, newspaper men, and politicians. Pearl Harbor effectively ended the isolationist-interventionist debate, and by early 1942 FFF disbanded.

Items in this collection consist of correspondence, subject files, memoranda, financial records, state and local organization materials, membership and contributor rosters, press releases and speeches, and printed ephemera such as posters, advertisements and display items. The correspondence files contain letters related to the workings of FFF. Contained in the subject files is information related to many of the broad issues in the swirling isolationist-interventionist debate of 1940-1941, including America First, the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies, the Hoover Food Plan, Lend-Lease, convoys, France, England, the occupied countries and Wendell Willkie. Additional material within the subject files describes the role of labor organizations and the activities of the Women's Division and the Youth Division of FFF. The subject files also provide an account of specific FFF events such as the Continental Congress for Freedom, the "Fun to be Free" Rally, the "V for Victory" campaign, and numerous radio programs and broadcasts.

Part I: Correspondence and Subject Files
37 reels

Part II: State and Local Organizations, Administrative Records and Press Series
23 reels

Complete Collection: 60 reels