Defining Documents in American History: Secrets, Leaks and Scandals (1797-2017), 1st Edition

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This title offers in-depth analysis of speeches, memos, letters, reports, transcripts, minutes, and testimony related to some of the nation's most notorious scandals. The set begins with the letters of the nation's most infamous traitor and continues through the 2018 executive order that resulted in the separation of families at the U.S./Mexico border. Material is organized under six groups: Secrets, Conspiracies, and Scandals through the 19th Century ; Controversies, Conflicts, and Communism through the mid-20th Century; Government in Hiding, from Vietnam to Watergate and After; Scandals, Scares, and Intelligence Failures in Recent Decades; Lies, Leaks, and Hacks in the Contemporary Period; and Selected Environmental Debacles. Designed for high school and college students, the aim of the series is to advance the study of primary source historical documents as an important avenue to understanding the past and its relationship to the challenges we face today.

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1: Secrets, Conspiracies, and Scandals Through the 19th Century.
2: General Benedict Arnold to Major John Andre.
3: Thomas Jefferson to Edmond Charles Genêt.
4: Ciphered Letter of Aaron Burr to General James Wilkinson.
5: Fletcher v. Peck.
6: The Dred Scott Decision.
7: Speech on the Trent Affair.
8: Accounts of the Sand Creek Massacre.
9: Lakota Accounts of the Massacre at Wounded Knee.
10: Documents Relating to Black Friday, 1869.
11: Articles of Impeachment against President Andrew Johnson.
12: Verse and Cartoon about Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall.
13: Crédit Mobilier Scandal.
14: Samuel Tilden’s Speech Conceding the Election of 1876.
15: Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act.
16: The Sinking of the U.S.S. Maine.
17: Controversies, Conflicts, and Communism through the Mid-20th Century.
18: From The Jungle.
19: U.S.-Mexico Tensions.
20: The Zimmerman Telegram.
21: The Espionage Act of 1917.
22: On the Tulsa Race Riot.
23: On the Teapot Dome Scandal.
24: Speech against the President’s “Court Packing” Plan.
25: Memorandum for the President, December 7, 1941.
26: Executive Order 9066—Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians.
27: Letter Recommending Navajo Enlistment.
28: To All Persons of Japanese Ancestry.
29: Testimony of Whittaker Chambers.
30: Klaus Fuchs Statement of Guilt.
31: Rosenberg Case Excerpts.
32: Dean Acheson on the “Loss” of China.
33: CIA Summary of the Overthrow of Premier Mossadeq of Iran.
34: Launching of the Sputnik Satellite.
35: The U2 Spy-Plane Incident—Excerpts of a Speech by Khrushchev.
36: Operation Mongoose.
37: Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield on U.S. Policy in Southeast Asia.
38: On the Prospect of a Generals’ Coup.
39: Key Findings of the Warren Commission Report on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
40: On Alleged Soviet and Cuban Connections with Lee Harvey Oswald.