The Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

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These papers of suffrage proponents Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony span the years 1831 through 1906 and consist of more than 14,000 documents. Included are such items as legislative testimony, correspondence, diaries, speeches, accounts of meetings, and financial papers. The collection as follows:

Series I: complete run of the Revolution (1868-71), Note: this is the only source for all issues of Revolution.

Series II: comprises the Chicago Historical Society's collection of 1,700 letters and petitions for a woman suffrage plank in the 1880 Republican platform.

Series III: main body of the collection, and consists of all of the other documents mentioned; arranged in a single chronology that interfiles all the types of papers of Stanton and Anthony.

The printed guide features a biographical essay that chronicles the two women's political work and places the collection in the context of other available materials. Also provided are microfilm roll notes, ten pages of illustrations, and an extensive person-place-title index to individual frame numbers in the film.

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"This easily accessible and wonderfully indexed microform edition will make these extraordinarily rich primary sources available to large numbers of researchers."-- PROF. ELLEN CAROL DuBOIS, UCLA

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