Conflict and Consensus in British Industrial Relations, 1916-1948

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Complete files, selected from PRO Classes Labs 2, 10, 27, 31, 34, PRO 30/69, T1 and T162

The temper of British industrial relations changed dramatically from 1916-1946. Using Ministry of Labour Classes, including the difficult Lab 2, this collection illustrates the changing nature of industrial disputes, the government's increasing understanding of the trade union movement and the evolution of a consistent policy to maintain industrial peace. The files included offer highly detailed information about individual disputes and governmental policy.

Part One: Government Industrial Relations Policy: General Policy 1921-1948; Reconstruction Policy, 1917-1918; the National Industrial Conference, 1919-1922; Industrial Relations Law; Wages and Hours Policies; Government Relationship with the TUC; Industrial Relations Personnel (From Lab 2, Lab 10, Lab 31, PRO 30/69, T1 and T162)
17 reels

Part Two: The General Strike, 1926: Industrial Disputes, 1917-1946; Trades Disputes Records Books, 1916-1947 (From Lab 2, Lab 10, Lab 27 and Lab 34)
23 reels

Part Three: Conciliation Officers' Weekly Reports, 1939-1946 (From Lab 10)
11 reels

Complete Collection: 51 reels