Native America: A Primary Record: Series 3: The Association on American Indian Archives: Publications, Programs, and Legal and Organizational Files, 1851-1983

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From the holdings of the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton University

Since its founding in 1922, the Association on American Indian Affairs (AAIA) has promoted the rights of more than 300 Native American tribes throughout the United States. Over the course of its history, the Association has stood on the forefront of battles for Native American rights, from protection of land and water resources and the right of self-determination to the right to worship freely and to secure equal educational opportunity for their children. The work of the Association has embraced eight areas of concern to Native Americans: education, economic development, health and sanitation, land tenure, irrigation, preservation of culture and religion, tribal sovereignty, and youth. Among its major achievements was its role as catalyst for the enactment of the Indian Child Welfare Act in 1978.

The portion of the AAIA records in Native America, Series 3 deals with legislation relating to Native American issues; selected milestone legal cases regarding Native American rights; AAIA program initiatives and publications; AAIA's organizational files; and the files of AAIA directors over the course of the Association's history. This series features a wealth of information on legislation dealing with a broad range of Native American issues and key legal cases on land and water rights, constitutional issues, and other important legal precedents.

Part 1, Legislation
30 reels

Part 2, Legal Cases, Programs, and Publications
27 reels

Part 3, Organizational Files
36 reels

Part 4, Directors' Files
26 reels

119 reels in four parts