Archives of the Parliamentary Labour Party

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Minutes and Records of the Administrative Committee, 1941-1945; Executive Committee, 1923-1927; Liaison Committee, 1945-1968; Parliamentary Committee, 1951-1964; and Parliamentary Labour Party, 1906-1968

The collection documents the growth of the PLP from its Edwardian origins in 1906 to the Parliamentary Labour Party's (PLP) landslide victory of 1945. It illustrates how the PLP responded to the challenges of the 1950s and charts the internal divisions that developed in the aftermath of the 1951 defeat.

Sixty-two years of PLP minutes provide insight into the party's reactions to national and internal party political crises of the 20th century.

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"These records are an essential element in any understanding of the political development of the Labour Party." -- Dr. David Howell, University of Manchester

— David Howell, Dr.