Fission And Properties Of Neutron-Rich Nuclei: Proceedings Of The Fifth International Conference On Icfn5, 1st Edition

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These proceedings are the fifth in the series of International Conferences covering fission and properties of neutron-rich nuclei, which are at the forefront of nuclear research. The time interval of 5 years between each conference allows for significant new results to be achieved. Recently, world leaders in theory and experiments in research and the development of new facilities for research presented their latest results in areas such as synthesis of superheavy elements, new facilities for and recent results with radioactive ion beams, structure of neutron-rich nuclei, nuclear fission process, fission yields and nuclear astrophysics. This book is a major source of the latest research in these areas and plans for the future. The conference brought together a unique group of over 100 speakers including leaders from the major nuclear laboratories in Canada, China, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Switerzland and the US along with leading research scientists from around the world.

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Program Committee and Advisory Committee.
1: Opening Session.
2: The Nuclear Landscape: Theoretical Perspective.
3: Nuclear Astrophysics Challenges at Threshold Energies.
4: Prospecting the Nuclear Landscape.
5: Challenges in Nuclear Fission: Prompt Neutron and γ-Ray Emission, Improved Fission Cross Sections for Applications and Modeling.
6: Nuclear Structure I.
7: Fission Dynamics: A Theorist's Perspective.
8: Higher-Order Derivative Terms in the Low-Energy Nuclear Energy Density Functionals.
9: Shell-Model Calculations Beyond 132Sn with a Realistic Effective Interaction.
10: Symmetry-Adapted No-Core Shell Model for Light Nuclei.
11: Cross-Over Between Different Symmetries.
12: New Insights into the Nuclear Structure in Neutron-Rich112,114,115,116,117,118Pd.
13: Neutrino Oscillations: Hierarchy Question.
14: Microscopic Calculation of Fusion; Light to Heavy Systems.
15: Nuclear Structure of Exotic Nuclei by Binary Reactions: Recent Results from LNL.
16: Cross-Shell Excitations in Neutron-Rich s-d Shell Nuclei.
17: In-Beam γ-Ray Spectroscopy with Fast Rare-Isotope Beams.
18: Laser Spectroscopy of Exotic Nuclei at ISOLDE and JYFL.
19: Radioactive Ion Beams.
20: Introduction of HIRFL-CSR Complex and Recent Results Based on Nuclear Physics Experiments.
21: Prospects in Nuclear Structure and Reactions with New Generation of High Power Accelerators and Innovative Instrumentation in Europe.
22: From NSCL to FRIB at MSU.
23: RIB from Spontaneous Fission: The CARIBU Facility.
24: Synthesis of Neutron Enriched Heavy and Superheavy Nuclei.
25: The TRIUMF-ISAC Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) Facility: Recent Highlights and Future Plans.
26: ISOLDE Highlights and Future Plans.
27: Studies of Exotic Nuclei at the RESOLUT Facility of Florida State University.
28: Cluster Decay of the Heaviest Superheavy Nuclei.
29: Nuclear Moments.
30: Gyromagnetic Ratios in Neutron-Rich Nuclei by the Recoil in Vacuum Technique.
31: Recent Developments in Laser Spectroscopy at ISOLDE.
32: Frontiers in Electromagnetic Moment Studies for Nuclei Far-From-Stability.
33: Quasi-Particle and Collective Magnetism: Rotation, Pairing and Blocking in High-K Isomers.
34: Recent Measurements of Magnetic Moments of Short-Lived States in Stable (30 < Z < 40 and 30 < N < 50) and Progress Toward Measurements on Radioactive Nuclei.
35: Nuclear Masses.
36: Nuclear Structure of Fission Products Investigated by Precise Ion Trap Measurements.
37: Recent Results of Nuclear Mass Measurements at Storage Ring in IMP.
38: Time-of-Flight Mass Measurements Relevant to Nuclear Astrophysics.
39: Fission Fragment Studies by Gamma-Ray Spectrometry with the Mass Separator Lohengrin.
40: Nuclear Structure/Fission.
41: Production of New Isotopes and New Isomers Using In-Flight Fission of 345 MeV/nucleon 238U at RIKEN RI Beam Factory.
42: Giant and Low-Energy Dipole Modes in Neutron-Rich Nuclei.
43: Exotic Behavior at Ultrahigh Spin Values in Light Rare-Earth N~90 Nuclei.
44: Independent Isotopic Fission Yield Studies with JYFLTRAP.
45: Measurement of Isomeric Yield Ratios of Fission Products with the JYFLTRAP.
46: New Neutron-Rich Isomers Observed Among Fission Fragments of 345 MeV/u 238U and Evolution of Nuclear Structure.
47: Recent Results from Beta-Decay Studies of Neutron-Rich Rb Isotopes Produced at ISAC Using a UCx Target.
48: Onset of Quasifission Process in Asymmetric Reactions Forming the Compound System 210Rn.
49: Evidence for the Stochastic Aspect of Prompt Gamma Emission in Fission.
50: Experiments and Theory of Superheavy Elements.
51: Superheavy Element Research at TASCA at GSI.
52: New Results for Elements 115, 117, and 118 Produced in the Reactions 243Am+48Ca and 249Bk/249Cf+48Ca.
53: Superheavy Element Search at RIKEN — New Result in the Production and Decay of an Isotope, 278113, of the 113th Element.
54: Actinide Isotopes for the Synthesis of Superheavy Nuclei.
55: Synthesis of New Neutron Rich Heavy Nuclei: An Experimentalist's View.
56: Fission of Actinides and Superheavy Nuclei: Covariant Density Functional Perspective.
57: Extreme Neutron Rich Sector of the Nuclear Chart.
58: Nuclear Structure II.
59: Advances in γ-Ray Spectroscopy of Neutron-Rich Fission Fragments.
60: Decay Studies of 238U Fission Products at the HRIBF.
61: Beta-Delayed Neutron Spectroscopy for r-process Nucleosynthesis.
62: First Results of Decay Heat Measurements with MTAS at the HRIBF.
63: Gammasphere and ORRUBA: Dual Detectors for Experimental Structure Studies.
64: Transmission Efficiency of the SAGE Spectrometer Using Geant4.
65: Fission.
66: Recent Results from Photon-Induced Fission Experiments at the S-DALINAC.
67: Highlights from 35 Years of Fission Research with Slow Neutrons at the ILL.
68: Recent Research with the Detector for Advanced Neutron Capture Experiments (DANCE) at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center.
69: SPIDER: A New Instrument for Fission Yield Measurements.
70: New Investigations on Fragment Rotational States in Spontaneous Fission of 252Cf.
71: Nuclear Structure III.
72: Deformations and Quasiparticle Spectra of Nuclei in the Nobelium Region.
73: Skyrme Energy-Density Functional Approach to Collective Modes of Excitation in Exotic Nuclei.
74: Shell-Model Calculation for Core-Excited States in N = 82, 83 Isotones Beyond 132Sn.
75: Living at the Edge of Stability: The Role of Continuum and Three-Nucleon Forces.
76: Description of Reaction Observables Using Gamow Shell Model and Coupled-Cluster Theory Including Continuum Coupling.
77: Time-Dependent Approach to the Angular Distribution of Scission Neutrons.
78: Neutron-Induced Fission Measurements at the DANCE and Lsds Facilities at LANL.
79: LANL Neutron-Induced Fission Cross Section Measurement Program.
80: Prompt Fission Neutron Spectrum Study at LANSCE : Chi-Nu Project.
81: Neutron Capture Cross Section of 239Pu.
82: Measurement of Fission Product Yields from Fast-Neutron-Induced Fission.
83: Development of an Active 238Uf6 Gas Target.
84: Development of a High Resolution Timing Algorithm for VANDLE.
85: The β and β-Delayed Neutron Decay Studies of 75Cu and 77Cu.
86: Fine Structure of Beta-delayed Neutron Emission and Beta Strength Function for 77,78,79Cu.
87: The β Decay of 81Zn and Nuclear Structure Around the N=50 Shell Closure.
88: Beta Decay of Most Neutron-Rich Ge and As Isotopes Discovered at LeRIBSS.
89: Performance of VANDLE Measuring Beta-Delayed Neutron Spectra of Fission Fragments.
90: Nuclear Structure of Neutron Rich Gadolinium.
91: First Measurement of Half-Lives of r-Process Zn and Ga Isotopes.
92: Low Energy Collective States in Neutron-Rich CD Isotopes.
93: Fusion-Fission and High-Spin Approach for the 78Ni Quest: Nuclear Structure in the Neutron-Rich N=50 Region.
94: Search for Two-Phonon Octupole Vibrational States and Multiplets in Sr and Zr Nuclei.
95: Pairing and Shell Evolution in Neutron Rich Nuclei.
96: High-Spin Structures of Very Neutron-Rich 114,115Rh.
97: Nature of K = 02 Band, Global Study.
98: Deformed Structure of N = 50 Ge Nucleus.
99: General Interest.
100: From Physics to Energy to Policy.
101: There Are No Black Holes: Pseudo-Complex General Relativity — Review and Some Predictions.
102: Nuclear Astrophysics/Structure.
103: Recent Highlights and Future Projects at RIBF.
104: Beta-Decay and Delayed Neutron Emission of Very Neutron-Rich Nuclei.
105: The Sensitivity of r-Process Nucleosynthesis to the Properties of Neutron-Rich Nuclei.
106: Neutron Rich Nuclei and Neutron Stars.
107: Transfer Reaction Experiments with Fission Fragments.
108: Nuclear Mass in Covariant Density Functional Theory and its Application in Astrophysics.
109: Beta-Delayed Neutron Spectroscopy Using Trapped Ions.
110: Systematic Study of Fission Fragment Mass Distribution Using 2-Dimensional Langevin Dynamics.
111: Probing Single-Neutron Levels in 127,129Sn Via Transfer Reactions.
112: Using Neural Networks to Recover Microchannel Plate Tracking Data.
113: Fission Theory.
114: Monte Carlo Hauser-Feshbach Calculations of Prompt Fission Neutrons and Gamma Rays.
115: Event-by-Event Modeling of Prompt Neutrons and Photons from Neutron-Induced and Spontaneous Fission with FREYA.
116: Microscopic Description of Nuclear Fission: Fission Barrier Heights of Even-Even Actinides.
117: A Microscopic Theory of Low Energy Fission: Fragment Properties.
118: Brownian Shape Dynamics in Nuclear Fission.
119: Fission-Fragment Charge Yields in a Brownian Shape-Motion Model.
120: Nuclear Structure Theory.
121: Time-Dependent Density-Functional Studies on Strength Functions in Neutron-Rich Nuclei.
122: Reaction Cross Sections for Time-Dependent Density Functional Calculations.
123: Dynamics of Superfluid Quantum Atomic Gases and Atomic Nuclei Within the Framework of Density Functional Theory.
124: Potential Energy Calculations for Collinear Cluster Tripartition Fission Events.
125: Microscopic Description for the Nuclear Magnetic and Antimagnetic Rotation.
126: Identification of New Levels and Proposed Octupole Correlations in Neutron-Rich 150,152Ce.
127: Posters.
128: New Perspective of Kinetic Moment of Inertia Using Power Index Formula.
129: Precision Measurements of the B(E1) Strengths in 11Be.
130: A High Resolution Ionization Chamber for the SPIDER Fission Fragment Detector.
131: Four-Fold Data Analysis of 252Cf Fission Products.
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