World War I, 1st Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: 12th Grade +
  • 360 Pages | eBook
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Vividly portraying confrontation on land, sea, and in the skies, World War I: The Definitive Visual History is a brilliant and fascinating portrait of a world at war. Sumptuously illustrated, this definitive account recounts in striking detail the course of the First World War. Engaging narrative recreates the experience of titanic battles such as Gallipoli, the Somme, and Verdun that left an indelible mark on the collective memory of countries that lost a generation of young men.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
1: The Troubled Continent 1870 – 1914.
2: Introduction.
3: Timeline 1870 – 1914.
4: Europe’s High Noon.
5: Crises and Conflicts.
Kaiser Wilhelm II.
6: Planning for War.
Evolving Military Technology.
7: Assassination at Sarajevo.
8: The Slide to War.
9: Pulling Together.
The Declaration of War.
10: Not Over by Christmas December 1914.
11: Introduction.
12: Timeline 1914.
13: The Invasion of Belgium.
14: The French Offensive.
15: The British Go into Action.
Battle of Mons.
16: The Great Retreat.
17: The Battle of the Marne.
Joseph Joffre.
18: The Race to the Sea.
19: Fighting to a Standstill.
The Christmas Truce.
20: The Battle of Tannenberg.
Paul Von Hindenburg.
21: Austro-Hungarian Failures.
22: The Battle for Poland.
23: Turkey Enters the War.
24: African Diversions.
25: Confrontation at Sea.
Warships at Sea.
26: Coronel and the Falklands.
27: War in the East.
28: Stalemate 1915.
29: Introduction.
30: Timeline 1915.
31: Mobilizing Resources.
Trench Warfare.
Life in the Trenches.
32: Failure on the Western Front.
Trench Fighting Equipment.
33: Second Ypres.
Chemical Warfare.
34: Italy Enters the War.
Anzac Troops.
35: The Gallipoli Campaign.
Battle of Lone Pine.
36: The Armenian Massacre.
In the Service of Empire.
Colonial Troops.
37: Disaster in Mesopotamia.
38: The Battle of Dogger Bank.
39: The Sinking of the Lusitania.
Wartime Posters.
40: America and the European War.
41: The Zeppelin Raids.
42: Campaigns on the Eastern Front.
Animals at War.
Machine Guns.
43: Serbia Crushed.
44: The Artois-Loos Offensive.
Reconnaissance and Communication.
45: Year of Battles 1916.
46: Introduction.
47: Timeline 1916.
48: Facing Deadlock.
49: The German of Fensive at Verdun.
Philippe Pétain.
50: The French Fight Back at Verdun.
Fort Douaumont.
51: The Easter Rising.
Intelligence and Espionage.
52: Slav Nationalism.
53: The Battle of Jutland.
On Board the SMS Derfflinger.
54: The Brusilov Offensive.
55: Kitchener’s Armies.
Douglas Haig.
56: The Somme Offensive.
The First Day of the Somme.
57: Attrition on the Somme.
Medical Treatment.
58: Dogfights and Aces.
59: The Romanian Campaign.
60: The Arab Revolt.
61: The Strains of War.
David Lloyd George.
62: Germany’s New Order.
63: Revolution and Disillusion.
64: Introduction.
65: Timeline 1917.
66: The Tsar Overthrown.
67: America Enters the War.
Woodrow Wilson.
68: Organizing America for War.
69: Peace Initiatives and War Aims.
70: The U-Boat Onslaught.
Erich Ludendorff.
71: The Nivelle Offensive.
72: The Battle of Arras.
Shell Casings.
Canadians in the War.
73: The German Bomber Offensive.
74: The Kerensky Offensive.
The Revolutionary Army.
75: Messines Ridge.
76: Third Ypres.
77: Italian Disaster at Caporetto.
78: False Dawn at Cambrai.
Tank Warfare.
79: The Bolshevik Revolution.
80: Guerrilla War in East Africa.
81: Naval War in the Mediterranean.
82: From Gaza to Jerusalem.
Recording the War.
83: Victory and Defeat 1918.
84: Introduction.
85: Timeline 1918.
86: Home Fronts.
Hunger on the Home Front.
87: Trench Warfare Transformed.
Stormtrooper Equipment.
88: German Victory in the East.
89: The Michael Offensive.
The Opening of the Michael Offensive.
90: The German Search for Victory.
91: The Battle of Belleau Wood.
92: The Second Battle of the Marne.
Gas Attack.
Ferdinand Foch.
93: The Zeebrugge Raid.
94: Climax of the Air War.
Aerial Combat.
Manfred Von Richthofen.
95: Allied Intervention in Russia.
Writers at War.
96: Turning Point at Amiens.
97: Taking the St. Mihiel Salient.
98: The Meuse-Argonne Offensive.
John Pershing.
99: Attacking the Hindenburg Line.
St. Quentin Canal.
100: Turkey and Bulgaria Defeated.
101: Italy Victorious.
102: Mutiny and Revolution.
103: The Armistice.
104: Aftermath 1919 – 1923.
105: Introduction.
106: Timeline 1919 – 1923.
107: Devastated World.
108: The Paris Peace Conference.
Georges Clemenceau.
109: The Versailles Treaty.
Signing the Versailles Treaty.
110: Postwar Conflicts.
111: Never Again.
Monument to the Fallen.
112: In Memoriam.