World War I, 1st Edition

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  • Original Copyright 2002 | Published/Released November 2009
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2002

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Provides a chronological account and regional overview of World War I, beginning with events leading up to the war and incorporating analysis of the war's aftermath. Topics include the historical and political background of the period, the grim realities of war, military strategy, the search for peace, the changing role of women, and wartime arts. Photographs that appear in the print version of this title are excluded from the ebook version due to copyright restrictions.

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Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Set Contents.
Map Key.
Maps and Diagrams.
1: The World Before the War.
2: The New German Empire.
3: European Militarism.
4: The Balkans.
5: Turkey and Russia.
6: The Austro-Hungarian Empire.
7: Imperialism.
8: The United States Before the War.
9: Settling the Continent.
10: The Native-American Experience.
11: Industrialization.
12: Industrial Unrest.
13: A Fairer Society.
14: Justifying Expansionism.
15: American Naval Power.
16: Overseas Expansion.
17: The Spanish-American War.
18: A Pacific and Latin American Power.
19: The Move to War.
20: Crises, but no War.
21: The Balkan Question.
22: The German Navy Laws.
23: For and Against War.
24: The July Crisis, 1914.
25: The Response to Sarajevo.
26: Austria-Hungary’s Fatal Ultimatum.
27: The Drift to War.
28: Declarations of War.
29: The World Response.
30: Turkey and the Middle East.
31: The Balkan Perspective.
32: Italy and War.
33: The Far East.
34: The Central Powers’ Forces.
35: Universal Conscription.
36: The Pressure for Pre-Emptive Warfare.
37: The Austro-Hungarian Army.
38: Turkey’s Military Strength.
39: The Anglo-German Naval Contest.
40: Central Powers in the Mediterranean.
41: The Allied Forces.
42: Russian Military Leadership.
43: The French Army.
44: All-Out Attack.
45: Neutral Belgium’s Forces.
46: The British Army.
47: The Balkan Allies.
48: Allied Naval Forces.
49: Allied Air Forces.
50: The Western Front, 1914–1915.
51: The Schlieffen Plan Amended.
52: France’s Plan XVII.
53: Opening Moves Against France.
54: French Attacks Thwarted.
55: The Final Battles of 1914.
56: A Brief British Success.
57: Stalemate on the Western Front.
58: The Eastern Front, 1914–1916.
59: Opening Moves in the Balkans.
60: The war in East Prussia.
61: Pincer Attack on Poland.
62: Turmoil in the Balkans.
63: Russia’s Brusilov Offensive.
64: A Year of Contrasting Fortunes.
65: The Scandal of Rasputin.
66: Germany’s War Leaders.
67: Wide-Ranging Powers.
68: The War at Sea, 1914–1916.
69: War in the Far East.
70: Action in the Falklands.
71: Naval Blockades.
72: Skirmishes in the North Sea.
73: Germany’s Submarine Blockade.
74: Unrestricted Warfare.
75: Attacks on Turkey.
76: Germany Relies on its U-Boats.
77: German Failure at Jutland.
78: The Wider War, 1914–1916.
79: Ottoman Turkey Goes to War.
80: Fighting for the Suez Canal.
81: Invasion of Gallipoli.
82: Attempts to Break the Stalemate.
83: The Mesopotamian Campaign.
84: War in the Caucasus.
85: Italy Joins the Allies.
86: Russian Successes Against the Turks.
87: The Trentino Counteroffensive.
88: War in Colonial Africa.
89: The Western Front, 1916.
90: Renewed Pressure at Verdun.
91: Offensive on the Somme.
92: The Advance Commences.
93: A Battle of Attrition.
94: French Counterattacks at Verdun.
95: America and the Growing Conflict, 1914–1916.
96: Apostles of Neutrality.
97: War and the U.S. People.
98: U.S. Neutrality Under Threat.
99: Strengthening the U.S. Armed Forces.
100: Neutrality in the Balance.
101: Neutrals and Supporters.
102: Unrest in the Empires.
103: Allied-Sponsored Revolts.
104: Subversion and Subterfuge.
105: Worldwide Neutrals and War.
106: The United States Moves to War.
107: The U.S. Political Climate.
108: The Decision for War.
109: The U.S. Military Commitment.
110: Creating a Modern U.S. Army.
111: Forging the Expeditionary Force.
112: An Independent Fighting Force.
113: Preparing for Combat.
114: The Need for Officers.
115: Overcoming Logistical Difficulties.
116: The U.S. Navy Goes to War.
117: Into Battle on the Western Front.
118: The Search for Peace.
119: The Catholic Church and War.
120: Wilson’s “Peace Note”.
121: Austro-Hungarian Peace Moves.
122: Germany’s Peace Resolution.
123: The Foundations of Peace.