Opinions Throughout History: Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, 1st Edition

  • Micah Issit
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  • Original Copyright 2020 | Published/Released January 2021
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Often considered a modern development, the effort to build robots dates back to the earliest of times of recorded history. This volume explores automatons, computing, mechanical engineering, automation in the Industrial Revolution, digital technology, the search for artificial intelligence, and technological singularity—a hypothetical future point when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.

Table of Contents

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Title Page.
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Table of Contents.
Publisher's Note.
Historical Timeline.
1: Endowed with Motion: Robots in Myth and Legend (800 BCE–17th century).
2: Automating Work: Mechanization and Human Capability (1590–1900).
3: Fear Your Creation: The Robot Revolution (1600s–1920s).
4: Automated Ethics: Robotics, Ethics, and Morality (1920s–1950s).
5: The Computer Revolution: A History of Early Computers (1940s–1950s).
6: Approaching Intelligence: First Steps toward Modern Artificial Intelligence (1940s–1960s) 6.
7: Factory Work: Development of Industrial Manufacturing Machines (1913–1980s) 7.
8: The Illusion of Language: Language Replicating Machines and Programs (1950s–1970s).
9: The Perfect Body: Robot Design in Pop Culture and Reality (1950s–2010s).
10: Seasons of Ai: Development and Stagnation in AI Research (1950s–Present).
11: Hands Free: The Search for Autonomous Transportation (1930s–Present).
12: ROBOTIC JUSTICE: The Use of Robots in Security and Policing (1970s–2010s).
13: Where No One Can Go: Robots in Dangerous Places and Dangerous Jobs (1980s–Present).
14: Mechanical Medicine: Robotics in Medicine and Health (1980s–Present).
15: Playing Robot: Robots as a Toy and Hobby (1993–Present).
16: War Games: The Use of Robotics and AI in the Military (1994–Present).
17: Space Oddities: Robotics in Space (1966–Present).
18: The Ultimate Strategy Machine: Robots and the Great Human Strategy Games (1996–Present).
19: Homebots: Robots in the Home (1998–Present).
20: Replicating Humanity: Robotic Approximations of Human Form and Function (2000–Present).
21: The Ai Assistant: Virtual and Digital Assistants (2011—Present) 21.
22: Robotic Citizenship: Public Attitudes toward Robots and Robotics (2014–Present) 22.
23: Biorobotics: The Use of Robotics to Repair and Enhance the Human Body (2017–Present) 23.
24: Robotic Living: Smart Homes and Robotic Household Aides (2017–Present).
25: The Future of Work: How Robotics Could Impact the Future of the Working World (2019).
26: Quantum Computing: The Potential Future of Computing Technology (2019).
27: The Singularity: The Transcendence of Technology (2020).
28: Conclusion: Robotics and AI: Oppressors or a New Utopia?.
Primary and Secondary Sources.
Historical Snapshots.
About the AuthorMicah.