Great Events from History: Modern Scandals, 2nd Edition

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This new edition provides the reader with an in-depth examination of some of the most noteworthy scandals worldwide since the beginning of the 20th century. For political gain, financial reward, career success, sex, or power, individuals and groups have been doing the wrong thing since the beginning of time. The ramifications are far reaching and devastating. Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, allegations of sexual misconduct rising to epic proportions, accusations of collusion with foreign governments -- there is no shortage of material for this second edition. The American public is inundated with misdeeds of their government officials, and admissions of guilt from well-respected individuals. Each essay provides a summary of the event and the event’s significance and historical impact on our nation. Entries are supplemented with sources for further reading, quotations from primary source documents, timelines, illustrations and photographs.

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1: Most Southerners Believe that Booker T. Washington's Dinner at the White House Is Scandalous.
2: Theodore Roosevelt Is Accused of Accepting Corporate Funds.
3: Senator Joseph R. Burton Is Convicted of Bribery.
4: Boston Alderman Is Reelected While in Jail for Fraud.
5: Psychoanalyst Ernest Jones Is Accused of Molesting Mentally Disabled Children.
6: Millionaire Heir Murders Architect Stanford White.
7: French Court Declares Alfred Dreyfus Innocent of Treason.
8: Former U.S. Senator Arthur Brown Is Murdered by Lover.
9: Elinor Glyn's Novel Three Weeks Shocks Readers.
10: San Francisco Mayor Schmitz Is Found Guilty of Extortion.
11: Belgium Confiscates Congo Free State from King Leopold II.
12: Nobelist Marie Curie Has Affair with Physicist Paul Langevin.
13: Nearly 150 Workers Die in Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.
14: British Prime Minister's Staff Is Investigated for Insider Trading.
15: Federal Judge Is Impeached for Profiting from His Office.
16: Armory Modern Art Show Scandalizes the Public.
17: Boxer Jack Johnson Is Imprisoned for Abetting Prostitution.
18: Players Fix Liverpool-Manchester United Soccer Match.
19: British Government Falls Because of Munitions Shortages and Military Setbacks.
20: Ponzi Schemes Are Revealed as Investment Frauds.
21: White Sox Players Conspire to Lose World Series in “Black Sox” Scandal.
22: U.S. Senate Rebukes Navy in Homosexuality Investigation.
23: Hindemith's Opera Sancta Susanna Depicts a Nun's Sexual Desires.
24: Film Star Fatty Arbuckle Is Acquitted of Manslaughter.
25: British Prime Minister David Lloyd George Is Accused of Selling Honors.
26: Actor Wallace Reid's Death in Drug Rehab Shakes Film Industry.
27: U.S. Senate Investigates Veterans Bureau Chief for Fraud.
28: U.S. Attorney General Harry M. Daugherty's Aide Commits Suicide.
29: U.S. Senate Begins Hearings on Teapot Dome Oil Leases.
30: Kentucky Congressman John W. Langley Is Convicted of Violating the Volstead Act.
31: Forged Communist Letter Brings Down British Government.
32: Nosferatu Is Found to Have Violated Dracula Copyright.
33: Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson Claims She Was Kidnapped.
34: Ty Cobb and Tris Speaker Are Accused of Fixing Baseball Games.
35: Mae West's Play About Gays Is Banned on Broadway.
36: Actor Is Suspected of Falsely Claiming to Be an American Indian.
37: Alberta Government Sterilizes Thousands Deemed Genetically and Mentally Unfit.
38: Luis Buñuel's Un Chien Andalou Shocks Parisian Audience.
39: Banque Oustric et Cie Failure Prompts French Inquiry.
40: Liberia Is Accused of Selling Its Own Citizens into Slavery.
41: Postmaster's Division of Airmail Routes Creates a Scandal.
42: Surrealist Film L’Âge D'or Provokes French Rioting.
43: “Scottsboro Boys” Are Railroaded Through Rape Trials.
44: Insull Utilities Trusts Collapse Prompts New Federal Regulation.
45: U.S. Troops Drive World War I Veterans from Washington.
46: New York Times Reporter Denies Reports of a Soviet Famine.
47: Stavisky's Fraudulent Schemes Rock French Government.
48: General Douglas MacArthur Sues Newspaper Columnist for Libel.
49: Sex Scandal Forces Resignation of Alberta Premier Brownlee.
50: Film Star Thelma Todd's Death Cannot Be Explained.
51: British Cabinet Member Resigns After Budget Information Leak.
52: Film Star Mary Astor's Diary Becomes a Public Sensation.
53: King Edward VIII Abdicates to Marry an American Divorcée.
54: Atherton Report Exposes San Francisco Police Corruption.
55: Prescription Elixir Causes More than One Hundred Deaths.
56: Duke and Duchess of Windsor Visit Nazi Germany.
57: Kansas City's Boss Pendergast Pleads Guilty to Income Tax Evasion.
58: President Roosevelt Orders Internment of Japanese Americans.
59: French Prime Minister Pierre Laval Wants Germany to Win World War II.
60: Industrialist Charles Bedaux Is Arrested for Nazi Collaboration.
61: Film Star Frances Farmer Is Jailed and Institutionalized.
62: Irish Orphan School Fire Kills Thirty-five Girls.
63: In a Paternity Lawsuit, a Jury concludes that Actor Charlie Chaplin Is the Biological Father.
64: Australian Poets Claim Responsibility for a Literary Hoax.
65: Norwegian Politician Quisling Is Arrested for Nazi Collaboration.
66: Norwegian Writer Knut Hamsun Is Arrested for Treason.
67: French War Hero Pétain Is Convicted of Nazi Collaboration.
68: Poet Ezra Pound Is Charged with Treason and Institutionalized.
69: Baseball Manager Leo Durocher Is Suspended for Gambling Ties.
70: Actor Carole Landis Commits Suicide During Affair with Rex Harrison.
71: Columnist Drew Pearson Exposes Congressman's Corruption.
72: Film Star Robert Mitchum Is Arrested for Drug Possession.
73: Actor Rita Hayworth Marries Aly Khan After Adulterous Affair.
74: Viet Minh Broadcasts French General's Damaging Report.
75: 1950s.
76: Alger Hiss Is Convicted of Perjury.
77: Swedish Film Star Ingrid Bergman Has a Child Out of Wedlock.
78: U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy Launches Communist Witch Hunt.
79: U.S. Senate Committee Begins Investigating Organized Crime.
80: College Basketball Players Begin Shaving Points for Money.
81: Belgium's Disgraced King Leopold III Abdicates.
82: Federal Tax Official Resigns After Accepting Bribes.
83: Actor Charles Chaplin Cannot Reenter the United States.
84: Richard Nixon Denies Taking Illegal Campaign Contributions.
85: Piltdown Man Is Revealed to Be a Hoax.
86: British Atrocities in Kenya's Mau Mau Rebellion Are Revealed.
87: Prescription Thalidomide Causes Widespread Birth Disorders.
88: British Conductor-Composer Is Arrested for Possessing Pornography.
89: George F. Kennan Proves Russian Sisson Documents Are Fakes.
90: President Truman's Appointments Secretary Is Convicted of Tax Conspiracy.
91: Actor Lana Turner's Daughter Kills Turner's Gangster Lover.
92: President Eisenhower's Chief of Staff Resigns for Influence Selling.
93: Teamsters Leader Dave Beck Is Convicted of Tax Fraud.
94: Charles Van Doren Admits to Being Fed Answers on Television Quiz Show.
95: President Kennedy's Romantic Affair Links Him to Organized Crime.
96: U.S. Congress Investigates Payola in Pop Music Industry.
97: FCC Chairman John C. Doerfer Resigns for Accepting Gifts from Networks.
98: Psychologist Stanley Milgram Begins Obedience-to-Authority Experiments.
99: Billie Sol Estes Is Arrested for Corporate Fraud.
100: Marilyn Monroe Sings “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”.
101: British Civil Servant Is Arrested for Spying.
102: West German Police Raid Der Spiegel Magazine Offices.
103: Play Accuses Pope Pius XII of Complicity in the Holocaust.
104: John Profumo Affair Rocks British Government.
105: Madame Nhu Derides Self-Immolation of Vietnamese Buddhists.
106: Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson Aide Resigns over Crime Connections.
107: Kitty Genovese Dies as Her Cries for Help Are Ignored.
108: President Lyndon Johnson's Aide Is Arrested in a Gay-Sex Sting.
109: Moroccan Politician Mehdi Ben Barka Disappears in Paris.
110: Munsinger Sex and Spy Scandal Rocks Canada.
111: Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Is Excluded from Congress.
112: Senator Thomas J. Dodd Is Censured for Misappropriating Funds.
113: Investor Louis Wolfson Is Convicted of Selling Stock Illegally.
114: Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas Is Accused of Bribery.
115: Senator Edward Kennedy's Driving Accident Kills Mary Jo Kopechne.
116: Japanese Baseball Players Are Implicated in Game Fixing.
117: American Massacre of Vietnamese Civilians at My Lai Is Revealed.
118: United Mine Workers Leader Joseph Yablonski Is Murdered.