Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism

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  • Volume 32
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This volume covers such noted figures and topics as:

  • Lucian, Greek writer of satirical dialogues, essays, rhetorical exerises, and comic narratives
  • Walter Map, British essayist, courtier, and civil servant
  • William of Ockham, English philosopher and theologian
  • Sextus Propertius, Roman poet
  • Sankara, Indian philosopher, theologian, and mystic

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Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism Series

As a convenient source of wide-ranging critical opinion on early literature, this series contains excerpts from criticism through the ages on the works of philosophers, poets and playwrights, political leaders, scientists, mathematicians and writers from other genres. Students writing a term paper on an author, work, topic, theme or idea — or anyone wanting to become better acquainted with the classics — will find this series a helpful first resource. Approximately 90-95% of critical essays are full text.


". . . a reference work that all readers interested in world literature should acquire." -- Laurence Wong, Director, Centre for Modern Literature in Chinese, Lingan College, Hong Kong

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