Records of the U.S. State Department: Briefing Books Relating to the Situation in Vietnam, 1961-1966, From the Records of the Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs

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This microfilm collection documents the development of America's Vietnam policy, between the Taylor Mission in 1961 and the first assessment of the situation in Vietnam since the introduction of combat troops in 1966.

This collection consists of notebooks and briefing books compiled as background memoranda, reports, transcripts of hearings, memoranda of conversation, chronologies of official State Department visits, and requests for information from officials such as Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge and Secretary of State Dean Rusk.

This collection provides researchers with essential primary documents on:

  • U.S. policy toward Indochina, 1940-1963
  • Commentary and assessment of the Taylor Mission Report and its recommendations
  • Analysis of the U.S. Political-Military Country Team report on the Buddhist situation and fall of the Diem government
  • Establishment of LBJ's National Security Council Working Group on Vietnam
  • Assessment and review of the Alternatives Report on the response to North Vietnamese provocations
  • Assessment of the U.S. role and the decision to expand the U.S. commitment
  • Discussion on ending the war and deployment of additional U.S. forces Political, economic, and military information for Secretary Dean Rusk's Vietnam visit
  • Negotiating strategy and international actions concerning Vietnam in 1965
  • Assessment of the situation in Vietnam since the introduction of combat troops, May 1966
  • Secretary Dean Rusk's Appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, February 1966

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