Studies in Global Crises: The International AIDS/HIV Crisis, Part 1: 1985-1999

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Primary Source Media's microfilm series documents the U.S. and worldwide response to the threat posed by HIV/AIDS. The research behind the studies, reports, and analyses represents an exhaustive review of the facts, causes, and political, social, and economic implications of a phenomenon that threatens every region of the world.

The International HIV/AIDS Crisis assembles research studies that analyze the goals and strategies of fighting this worldwide epidemic. Theses studies, reports, and analyses were conducted by governmental agencies, private organizations under contract with the Federal government, and international organizations - including the Centers for Disease Control; World Health Organization; U.S. Agency for International Development; Johns Hopkins University; Macro, International; and National Institutes of Health. They represent the most rigorous and authoritative research on HIV/AIDS.

The value of these materials is both immediate and historical. They provide up-to-date information on the global crisis, while documenting the manner in which HIV/AIDS has spread, efforts to control the epidemic, and its treatment methodology over more than two decades. These seminal studies are important now and will remain of value in the future.

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