The Cambridge Mozart Encyclopedia, 1st Edition

  • Editor: Cliff Eisen [King's College London]
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Mozart's enduring popularity, among music lovers as a composer and among music historians as a subject for continued study, lies at the heart of The Cambridge Mozart Encyclopedia. This reference book functions both as a starting point for information on specific works, people, places and concepts as well as a summation of current thinking about Mozart. The extended articles on genres reflect the latest in scholarship and new ways of thinking about the works while the articles on people and places provide a historical framework, as well as interpretation. The book also includes a series of thematic articles that cast a wide net over the eighteenth century and Mozart's relationship to it: these include Austria, Germany, aesthetics, travel, Enlightenment, Mozart as a reader, and contemporaneous medicine, among others. Many of the topics covered have never been written about before in English-language Mozart publications or in such detail, and represent today's greater interest in previously unexplored aspects of Mozart's life, context and reception. The worklist provides the most up-to-date account in English of the authenticity and chronology of Mozart's compositions.

  • Comprehensive coverage of Mozart’s life and works, and of the people, places and compositional contexts that directly affected him
  • Broad appeal to music lovers, students and scholars alike
  • Up-to-date scholarship presented in a user-friendly fashion, traversing the entire spectrum of research on the composer

Published in 2006 in print format.



  • Cliff Eisen [King's College London]

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Other Frontmatter.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Other Frontmatter.
1: Abel, Carl Friedrich.
2: Adamberger, Johann Valentin.
3: ‘Adelaide Concerto’.
4: Adlgasser, Anton Cajetan.
5: Aesthetics.
6: Affligio, Giuseppe.
7: Albertarelli, Francesco.
8: Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg.
9: Amicis, Anna Lucia de.
10: André, Johann Anton.
11: Antretter Family.
12: Apollo et Hyacinthus.
13: Arco Family.
14: Aria.
15: Aria Texts.
16: The Aria as a Verbal Text.
17: General Implications of Aria Texts.
18: Aria Texts in Opera Buffa and Characterized as ‘Buffo’.
19: The Aria as a Musical Object and Its Theatrical Implications.
20: Arias, Concert.
21: Artaria & Comp.
22: Ascanio in Alba.
23: Attwood, Thomas.
24: Auernhammer, Josepha Barbara.
25: Augsburg.
26: Austria, Austrian, Austrian Monarchy.
27: Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel.
28: Bach, Johann Christian.
29: Bach, Johann Sebastian.
30: The Dissemination of Bach’s Works in Vienna.
31: Mozart’s Editorial Work in K405.
32: Bach’s Influence on Mozart.
33: Ballets.
34: Barisani Family.
35: Barrington, Daines.
36: Bassi, Luigi.
37: Bastien und Bastienne.
38: Beaumarchais, Pierre-Augustin Caron de.
39: Beecke, (Notger) Ignaz (Franz) Von.
40: Beethoven, Ludwig Van.
41: Benucci, Francesco.
42: Berchtold Von Sonnenburg, Johann Baptist Franz.
43: Bertati, Giovanni.
44: Betulia Liberata, La.
45: Bianchi, (Giuseppe) Francesco.
46: Böhm, Johannes Heinrich.
47: Bondini, Caterina.
48: Bondini, Pasquale.
49: Bonno, Giuseppe.
50: Born, Ignaz Von.
51: Bossler, Heinrich Philipp Carl.
52: Bretzner, Christoph Friedrich.
53: Bullinger, Franz Joseph Johann Nepomuk.
54: Burney, Charles.
55: Bussani, Dorothea.
56: Bussani, Francesco.
57: Calvesi, Teresa.
58: Calzabigi, Ranieri (de’).
59: Cannabich Family.
60: Canons.
61: Cantata.
62: Cavalieri, Caterina (Catharina Magdalena Josepha Cavalier).
63: Ceccarelli, Francesco.
64: Chamber Music.
65: String Duos and Trios.
66: String Quartets.
67: The Early Quartets.
68: The ‘Haydn’ Quartets: K387, 421, 428, 458, 464, 465.
69: K499 and the ‘Prussian’ Quartets.
70: String Quintets.
71: Piano Trios.
72: Piano Trios in G Major, K496 and K564.
73: Piano Trios in B Flat Major, K502, in E Major, K542, and in C Major, K548.
74: Trio in E Flat Major (‘Kegelstatt’ Trio), for Piano, Clarinet and Viola, K498.
75: Piano Quartets.
76: Mixed Ensembles.
77: Church Sonatas.
78: Clementi, Muzio.
79: Clemenza Di Tito, La.
80: Genesis.
81: Text and Music.
82: Reception.
83: Closset, Thomas Franz.
84: Colloredo, Hieronymus Joseph Franz de Paula Von.
85: Coltellini Family.
86: Compositional Method.
87: Concertos.
88: Violin Concertos and the Sinfonia Concertante.
89: Concertos for Wind Instruments.
90: Piano Concertos.
91: Consoli, Tommaso.
92: ‘Coronation’ Concerto.
93: ‘Coronation’ Mass.
94: Così Fan Tutte, Ossia La Scuola Degli Amanti.
95: Genesis.
96: Music and Text.
97: Reception.
98: ‘Credo’ Mass.
99: Czernin Family.
100: Da Ponte, Lorenzo.
101: Dalberg, Wolfgang Heribert, Rechsfreiherr Von.
102: Dances.
103: Dejean, Ferdinand.
104: Demmler, Johann Michael.
105: Deym Von Stržitéž, Joseph Nepomuk Franz De Paula, Count.
106: ‘Dissonance’ Quartet.
107: Dittersdorf, Carl Ditters Von.
108: Doles, Johann Friedrich.
109: ‘Dominicus’ Mass.
110: Don Giovanni.
111: Genesis and Sources.
112: Da Ponte’s Contribution.
113: Baroque Elements.
114: Buffo and Serio.
115: A Web of Contradictions.
116: Duschek (Dussek) Family.
117: Eberl, Anton (Franz Josef).
118: Eberlin, Johann Ernst.
119: Eckard (Eckardt, Eckart), Johann Gottfried.
120: Ein Musikalischer Spass.
121: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.
122: Enlightenment.
123: Entführung Aus Dem Serail, Die.
124: The Topos of the Generous Turk.
125: Bretzner’s Libretto.
126: The Composition.
127: Mozart’s Score.
128: Synopsis and Music.
129: Premiere and Performance History.
130: Esterházy Von Galántha.
131: Ettore, Guglielmo D’.
132: Exsultate, Jubilate.
133: Eybler, Joseph Leopold Von.
134: Ferlendis, Giuseppe.
135: Ferrarese Del Bene, Adriana.
136: Fiala, Joseph.
137: Finta Giardiniera, La.
138: Finta Semplice, La.
139: Firmian Family.
140: Fischer, (Johann Ignaz) Ludwig.
141: Fischietti, Domenico.
142: Freemasonry.
143: Freemasonry in Austria.
144: Mozart as Mason.
145: Masonic Music.
146: French Revolution.
147: Freysinger Family.
148: Freystädtler, Franz Jacob.
149: Friedrich Wilhelm II.
150: Fugue.
151: Fux, Johann Joseph.
152: Gamerra, Giovanni De.
153: Gasparini, Quirino.
154: Gassmann, Florian Leopold.
155: Gatti, Luigi (Maria Baldassare).
156: Gazzaniga, Giuseppe.
157: Gebler, Tobias Philipp, Baron.
158: Gellert, Christian Fürchtegott.
159: Gemmingen-Hornberg, Otto Heinrich, Baron.
160: Genius.
161: Gerl, Franz Xaver.
162: German Language and Literature.
163: Germany, German.
164: Gilowsky von Urazowa Family.
165: Gluck, Christoph Willibald.
166: Goethe, Johann Wolfgang.
167: Goldoni, Carlo.
168: Gottlieb, (Maria) Anna.
169: Grimm, Friedrich Melchior, Baron.
170: Guardasoni, Domenico.
171: Gyrowetz, Adalbert.
172: Haffner Family.
173: ‘Haffner’ Serenade.
174: ‘Haffner’ Symphony.
175: Hagenauer Family.
176: Haibel, Sophie.
177: Handel, George Frideric (Georg Friedrich, Händel).
178: Hanswurst.
179: Hasse, Johann Adolph.
180: Hässler, Johann Wilhelm.
181: Hatzfeld, August Clemens Ludwig Maria, Count.
182: Haydn, (Franz) Joseph.
183: Haydn, (Johann) Michael.
184: Heina, François-Joseph.
185: Hofdemel, Franz.
186: Hoffmann, Ernst Theodor Amadeus.
187: Hoffmeister, Franz Anton.
188: Hofmann, Leopold.
189: Honauer, Leontzi.
190: Hübner, Beda.
191: Hummel, Johann Nepomuk.
192: ‘Hunt’ Quartet.