Encyclopedia of World Biography: Supplement, 2nd Edition

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Originally published in 1973 by McGraw Hill,Encyclopedia of World Biography(EWB) was entirely revised and updated in 1998 with the appearance of the 17-volume second edition set—the first complete revision in 25 years. Mother Theresa. Princess Diana. Tom Clancy. Johnnie Cochran. Betty Shabazz. These are just a few of the people covered in the almost 8,000 entries on notables from every part of the world and from every time period, representing a 40 percent increase from the first edition. Each supplement volume adds 160-175 new individuals not covered in the 17-volume EWB and existing supplements. Like other volumes in theEWB series, Supplement 38represents a unique, comprehensive source for biographical information on those people who, for their contributions to human culture and society, have reputations that stand the test of time.

Features and Benefits

  • Entries are arranged alphabetically.
  • Bold-faced, descriptive opening paragraph with birth/death years, a capsule identification, and a statement of the person’s significance.
  • An essay of approximately 2,000 words in length that offers a substantial treatment of the person’s life.
  • Bibliographic section arranged by source type.
  • Portraits or depictions that accompany many of the articles.
  • A useful index for quick reference that covers not only entrants but related persons, places, battles, treaties, works of art, ideas, philosophies, styles, movements, and more.

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Table of Contents

Advisory Board.
Ailes, Roger.
Ames, Aldrich.
Anslinger, Harry J.
Arkoff, Samuel Z.
Arns, Paulo Evaristo.
Autry, Gene.
Bauer, Fritz.
Bauman, Zygmunt.
Belyaev, Dmitry K.
Bemelmans, Ludwig.
Berezovsky, Boris.
Blood, Thomas.
Bonestell, Chesley.
Böttcher, Ursula.
Braun, Eva.
Brown, Lancelot.
Brynner, Yul.
Budyonny, Semyon Mikhailovich.
Burdian, Jean.
Castro, Raúl.
Cayley, George.
Chamberlen the Third, Peter.
Chunyu Yi.
Cohn, Nudie.
Connors, Chuck.
Conover, Lloyd.
Crane, Walter.
Crippen, Hawley Harvey.
Croesus, King of Italy.
Cut Nyak Dhien.
Darby, William Orlando.
Davies, Joseph E.
Duranty, Walter.
Dutt, Geeta.
Edhi, Abdul Sattar.
Eisner, Will.
Escherich, Theodor.
Falkenhayn, Erich von.
Fawcett, Percy.
Ferguson, Patrick.
Fortuny, Mariano.
Fraser, Hugh.
Gage, Phineas.
Gaines, Edmund Pendleton.
Garrison, Jim.
General Tom Thumb.
Gibbons, Grinling.
Golitsyn, Vasily Vasilyevich.
Gómez de Avellaneda, Gertrudis.
Haggard, Merle.
Hamilton, Emma.
Hardin, John Wesley.
Harrison, John.
Hart, Pearl.
Hentoff, Nat.
Heston, Charlton.
Hickam, Homer.
Hill, Geoffrey.
Hinkle, Warren.
Hobhouse, Emily.
Hodgkin, Thomas.
Hoffmann, Heinrich.
Holliday, Doc.
Hubbard, Elbert.
Hunt, E. Howard.
Iwatani, Toru.
Jebb, Eglantyne.
Jekyll, Gertrude.
Jennings, Waylon.
Johnson, Lady Bird.
Jones, David.
Jones, Jim.
Kathrada, Ahmed.
Khan, Fazlur Rahman.
Kiefer, Adolph.
Kinski, Klaus.
Koenigswarter, Pannonica de.
Kölliker, Albert von.
Kottanner, Helene.
Kresge, S. S.
Krupa, Gene.
Ladd, Alan.
LaRouche, Lyndon.
Leavis, F. R.
Lee, Arthur.
Leichhardt, Ludwig.
Lenormand, Marie Anne.
Leone, Sergio.
Lewis, Bernard.
Litvinenko, Alexander.
Llull, Ramon.
Loving, Richard.
Lynn, Loretta.
MacDonald, George.
Machado, China.
Macintosh, Charles.
Mantegazza, Paolo.
Marryshow, Theophilus Albert.
McKissack, Patricia and Fredrick.
Minor, William Chester.
Mitford, Unity.
Mizuki, Shigeru.
Monroe, Bill.
Morris, Jane.
Mosley, Diana.
Mosley, Oswald.
Moy, Sylvia.
Munro, H. H.
Murray, James.
Nakahama, Manjiro.
Nakamura, Masaya.
Nash, Paul.
Nasrin, Taslima.
Nemtsov, Boris.
Nivelle, Robert.
Nivelli, Herbert.
Ocloo, Esther Afua.
Oliphant, Mrs.
Owens, Buck.
Pandita Ramabai.
Parrish, Maxfield.
Píka, Heliodor.
Pincay, Laffit, Jr.
Poker Alice.
Pujol, Joseph.
Pyle, Howard.
Repton, Humphry.
Reynolds, Debbie.
Ridge, Lola.
Robiquet, Pierre Jean.
Scheer, Reinhard.
Segers, Hercules.
Shuster, Joe.
Sidney, Algernon.
Sims, Sandman.
Sinclair, May.
Spinelli, Altiero.
Sri Chinmoy.
Steck, Ueli.
Stettheimer, Florine.
Struve, Otto.
Telford, Thomas.
Umberto II, King of Italy.
Upton, Emory.
Victor of Aveyron.
Villas-Bôas Brothers.
Walpole, Horace.
Wheeler, Mortimer.
Wilder, Gene.
Williams, James Howard.
Wong, Tyrus.
Yusupov, Felix.
Zacchini, Hugo.
Zermelo, Ernst.
Zhou Youguang.
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