LBJ and Foreign Affairs Part 1: White House Central Files Section 1: Foreign Affairs Subject Files

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These presidential files from the LBJ Library highlight the concerns of the president and his administration about the escalating Vietnam War and its affect on foreign policy decision-making and implementation. The collection enumerates policies, responses, and recommendations from the president's advisers and cabinet members on handling international affairs; effects on domestic policies; and public reaction to the Vietnam War and the growing unrest worldwide. This collection also consists of public opinion mail both supporting the Administration’s foreign policy efforts and opposing those efforts.

The White House Central Files, designed as a reference service for the president and his staff to document White House activities, consists of materials from the most voluminous record group at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library. The Subject series consists of correspondence and reports pertaining to the functions and operation of the White House; the federal government; state, local, and foreign governments; and correspondence from private individuals, companies, and organizations.

FO (Foreign Affairs) Subject
The subject "Foreign Affairs" is used for material pertaining to international relations or in connection with the plans, policies, procedures, and programs regarding foreign countries or governments. This subject includes matters relating to the administration of foreign affairs, economic development, mutual security, and foreign information and exchange activities.