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Poetry Criticism assembles critical responses to the writings of the world's most renowned poets and provides supplementary biographical context and bibliographic material to guide the reader to a greater understanding of the genre and its creators. Each entry includes a set of previously published reviews, essays and other critical responses from sources that include scholarly books and journals, literary magazines, interviews, letters and diaries, carefully selected to create a representative history and cross-section of critical responses.

Although poets and poetry are also covered in other titles from the Gale Literature Criticism series, Poetry Criticism offers a greater focus on understanding poetry than is possible in the broader, survey-oriented entries in those series. Clear, accessible introductory essays followed by carefully selected critical responses allow end-users to engage with a variety of scholarly views and conversations about poets and their works. Students writing papers or class presentations, instructors preparing their syllabi, or anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the genre will find this a highly useful resource.

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Poetry Criticism Series

Each volume of this reference provides substantial critical essays and biographical information on four to eight major poets from all eras. Entries provide an introductory biographical sketch, an author portrait, a primary bibliography, annotated full text and excerpted criticism of the poets' works, and sources for additional reading. When available, comments from the poets themselves are included.

Features and Benefits

  • Entries in this volume include: Louis Aragon, Anne Bradstreet, and Geoffrey Chaucer.
  • Primary bibliography.
  • Annotated full text and excerpted criticism of the poets’ works and sources for additional reading.
  • Comments from the poets themselves.

What's New

  • Introductory biographical sketch.

Table of Contents

Louis Aragon 1897-1982 (French poet, novelist, playwright, nonfiction writer, journalist, and autobiographer).
Anne Bradstreet 1612?-1672 (Entry devoted to the poetry collection "The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America", 1650).
Geoffrey Chaucer 1340?-1400 (Entry devoted to "The Miller’s Prologue and Tale", 1375-1400?).