Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs, Cambodia, 1960-January 1963

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Norodom Sihanouk continues to be one of the most controversial figures in Southeast Asia's turbulent, and often tragic, postwar history. Admirers view him as one of the country's great patriots, whose insistence on strict neutrality kept Cambodia out of the maelstrom of war and out of the revolution in neighboring Vietnam for more than fifteen years. Critics attack him for his vanity, eccentricities, and intolerance of any political views different from his own. This new collection of State Department records provides a window into the political, social, and economic development of a fast-maturing "modern" state in the heart of Southeast Asia and its controversial leader. Khmer nationalism, loyalty to the monarch, struggle against injustice and corruption, and protection of the Buddhist religion were in the forefront of this development. This microfilm publication presents documents on one of the most turbulent eras of Cambodia’s modern history.

9 reels