Administrative Histories of the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidency: The Economy, Finance, and Trade

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To the Congress of the United States: I am pleased to report:

  • that the state of our economy is excellent
  • that the rising tide of our prosperity, drawing new strength from the 1964 taxcut, is about to enter its fifth consecutive year
  • that, with sound policy measures, we can look forward to uninterrupted and vigorous expansion in the year ahead

President Johnson's announcement before Congress on January 28, 1965, signaled the height of economic prosperity during the 1960s. The President's message goes on to report "...Progress toward Our Economic Goals..." including the state of:

  • Full Employment
  • Rapid Growth
  • Price Stability
  • Balance of Payments
  • Equilibrium
  • Role of Economic Policy

With this speech and accompanying legislative proposals the Johnson Administration embarked upon a plan to maintain economic growth, stimulate job creation and protect the livelihood hard-working Americans, expand a more equitable foreign trade, and to enact monetary and fiscal policies designed to support the goals of his message.

But, by 1968, due to the expanding war in Vietnam, the costs of the Great Society, particularly the War on Poverty, revolution in the streets of major cities, and the trade deficit, President Johnson raised the call for more austere measures to maintain economic progress.

This collection provides extensive documentation on a variety of initiatives and programs to meet the economic goals of President Johnson's Great Society, War on Poverty, impacts of the Vietnam War, the trade deficit, and efforts to improve the response of cities to the growing wave of unrest. These administrative histories and supporting documents will navigate the researcher and the student through the myriad problems that arose during the Johnson Administration and the efforts to combat these problems and issues.

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