British Literary Manuscripts from the National Library of Scotland

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The National Library of Scotland holds the richest collection of Scottish literary manuscripts in the world, and also a wide range of British manuscripts from all periods. Works from every important genre are included, from verse, early romances, drama and prose.

Part One: Medieval and Renaissance Literature, c.1300-c.1700

Part One reproduces much rare and unique material from the early Middle Ages to the start of the Jacobite era. The medieval period is particularly well represented. Outstanding manuscripts include Wyntoun's Chronicle, the Bannatyne and Asloan manuscripts and the Auchinleck Manuscript (c.1330), which contains 26 religious and miscellaneous pieces, and 18 romances, eight of which are otherwise unknown.

Part One: 20 reels

Part Two: Eighteenth Century Literary Manuscripts, c.1700-c.1800

Part Two offers 165 literary manuscripts from the century of the Scottish enlightenment, and includes major collections of the manuscripts of the leading figures of the period.

Part Two: 19 reels

Part Three: Nineteenth Century Manuscripts, c.1800-c.1880, Section A

Part Four: Nineteenth Century Manuscripts, c.1800-c.1880, Section B

Parts Three and Four include everything from ballads, folk materials and correspondence to the literary manuscripts of the great aristocratic collections.

Among the Scottish writers whose works are included in the collection are James Hogg, the "Ettrick Shepherd." Friend of Sir Walter Scott, Lord Byron, William Wordsworth and Robert Southey, Hogg made his reputation as a poet with the publication of The Queen's Wake in 1810, the manuscript of which can be found in Part Four together with much of his correspondence.

Part Three: 15 reels

Part Four: 16 reels