Pirates Through the Ages: Almanac, 1st Edition

  • Sonia G. Benson
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  • ISBN-13: 9781414486635
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Pirates Through the Ages Reference Library explores the history of piracy from ancient times to the present day. The set includes Almanac, Biographies and Primary Sources volumes, covering topics including piracy in antiquity and the Middle Ages; the golden age of piracy in the Caribbean; female pirates; the pirate code of conduct and pirate slang; strongholds and hideouts; ships, weaponry, and sea battles; pirates in literature and film, modern maritime piracy; and more. The set includes standard U·X·L® Reference Library features such as a chronology, glossary, research and activity ideas, and more. Also includes a comprehensive index.

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Features and Benefits

  • Chronology, Glossary, Research and activity ideas, nearly 160 photos, end-of-volume indexes as well as a cumulative index.

Table of Contents

Reader's Guide.
Timeline of Events.
Words to Know.
Research and Activity Ideas.
1. Piracy in the Ancient Mediterranean.
2. Piracy in Medieval Europe.
3. The Barbary Corsairs.
4. The Privateers of the Spanish Main.
5. The Buccaneers of the New World.
6. The Golden Age of Piracy.
7. Life Aboard Ship in the Golden Age of Piracy.
8. The United States and Privateers.
9. Piracy in Asia.
10. Modern Piracy.
11. Fighting Piracy in the Twenty-first Century.
12. Pirates in Popular Culture.
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