Crime and Punishment in America: Primary Sources, 1st Edition

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Covering the evolution of the American criminal justice system throughout history, the Crime and Punishment in America Reference Library explores everything from juvenile justice to organized crime.

Crime and Punishment in America: Primary Sources includes many documents, from the Sherman Antitrust Law and the Harrison Narcotic Drug Act to Eleanor Roosevelt's letter against lynching and the Report on Lawlessness in Law Enforcement.


"The documents provided here include the Magna Carta, Lawes Divine, an excerpt from the Examination of Sarah Good and others written by James Madison, Charles Dickens, George W. Wickersham, William Kemmler, Clarence Darrow and Louis J. Freeh. Students may read the RICO Act of 1970, the Al Qaeda Training Manual, the Comstock Law, the Harrison Act, an excerpt from the Eighteenth Amendment ( Prohibition of Intoxicating Liquors), the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Scottsboro Trial, PROTECT Act of 2003 and the U.S. State Department’s "Patterns of Global Terrorism - 2002." Sidebars in this volume have definitions of words in the text." --Reviewed by Blanche Woolls, Oneota Reading Journal, September 2005

— Voice of Youth Advocates

"This reference of primary documents relating to crime and punishment begins with the earliest piece, The Magna Carta, 1215 (an excerpt) and brings the students into the present with the chapter on terrorism and The Al Qaeda Training Manual. Included are speeches, letters, laws, trials, and government documents. The chapter on the often-researched topic, "Capital Punishment" will also be helpful to students. This easy-to-read and understand reference will provide a wealth of information for middle and high school research. Also included is a "Timeline of Events," black and white photographs, an extensive bibliography entitled, "Where to learn more," and a detailed index." --Pennsylvania School Librarians Associations, May 2006

— Pennsylvania School Librarians Association