The George W. Ball Papers

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This collection documents the private and public life of American lawyer and diplomat George W. Ball. Ball served as counsel in the Lend-Lease Administration and the Foreign Economic Administration from 1942-44. In 1961, he became Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs. He also served as Under Secretary of State from 1961 to 1966 under both presidents Kennedy and Johnson.

The George W. Ball Papers contain correspondence, memoranda, reports, speeches, telecons, minutes, appointment books, writings, scrapbooks, clippings, financial information, and legal documents.

Series 1, Correspondence, 1916-1994, chronicles Ball's life from childhood to death.

Series 1, Subseries 1, Subject Files, 1916-1994, contains incoming and outgoing correspondence, memoranda, reports, clippings, manuscripts, speeches, press releases, and publications.

Series 1, Subseries 2, Chron Files, 1952-1993, contains documentation of Ball's involvement in the shaping of foreign and domestic policy.

Series 2, Appointments, 1945-1994, contains appointment books, desk and pocket calendars, and billing logs.

Series 3, Writings, 1933-1994, is divided into two subseries, arranged alphabetically and chronologically.

Series 3, Subseries 1, Books, 1945-1993, includes correspondence, lists, reviews, clippings, and drafts for Ball's five published books and one unpublished work.

Series 3, Subseries 2, Articles and Miscellaneous Writings, 1933-1994, contains articles, readers' comments, book jacket blurbs, college and law school papers, essays, forewords, letters to the editor, a memorandum, and poems.

Series 4, Public Statements, 1942-1994, includes interviews, oral histories, speeches and testimony.

Series 5, Telecons, 1955-1982, contains logs, transcripts, and summaries of incoming and outgoing telephone calls.

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