The Human Body II, 2nd Edition

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  • ISBN-10: 161530858X
  • ISBN-13: 9781615308583
  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - 12th Grade
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  • Original Copyright 2012 | Published/Released April 2012
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2012

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The Human Body II: Ears, Nose, and Throat  (ISBN-10: 1615307095 | ISBN-13: 9781615307098)

The interconnectedness of the ear, nose, and throat is evident when you consider how the smell of garlic cloves on the grill or chocolate chip cookies in the oven can affect your perception of their taste, or how a runny nose and scratchy throat can lead to an ear infection. In addition to enabling sensory perception, the ear, nose, and throat perform a number of vital functions in the human body. This incisive volume examines the structure of each in turn and in concert with the other, also exploring the diseases and disorders that sometimes afflict them.

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The Human Body II: The Endocrine System  (ISBN-10: 1615307311 | ISBN-13: 9781615307319)

The endocrine system, comprised of a number of hormone-secreting glands, is vital to the functioning of the human body. In addition to its role in reproductive activity, the endocrine system regulates tissue growth, responses to injury and stress, and helps maintain necessary levels of chemicals throughout the body. This detailed volume carefully examines the major glands of the endocrine system as well as the consequences of its dysfunction and disorder.

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The Human Body II: The Kidneys and the Renal System  (ISBN-10: 1615307397 | ISBN-13: 9781615307395)

Responsible for managing the body's waste and regulating the balance of water and electrolytes, the kidneys and renal system, in a sense, make up the body's plumbing network. When any part of the system fails or does not function properly, the body may be subject to unnatural concentrations of certain substances, causing illness or even death. This volume examines the various components of the renal, or urinary, system, and the consequences of dysfunction and disease.

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The Human Body II: Skin and Connective Tissue  (ISBN-10: 1615307087 | ISBN-13: 9781615307081)

Even a quick look at the surface of human skin reveals its many complexities. Much more than a simple shell for the human body, the skin helps protect internal organs and, working in conjunction with connective tissue, allows the human body to function as a unit. This comprehensive volume examines the components of the human integumentary system, as well as the various diseases and disorders to which it is vulnerable.

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