The Liberty Bell and Its Legacy: An Encyclopedia of an American Icon in U.S. History and Culture, 1st Edition

  • John R. Vile
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  • Original Copyright 2020 | Published/Released March 2021
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This title provides a one-stop resource for understanding the fascinating history and enduring importance of the Liberty Bell in the fabric of American culture, from the pre-Revolutionary War era to the present day. The encyclopedia explains key concepts, principles, and intellectual influences in the creation and display of the Liberty Bell; profiles its creators and leading champions; and surveys the place of the Bell and its home in Philadelphia's Independence Hall within the political and cultural lexicon of the nation. Additionally, it discusses important milestones and events in the bell's history and provides a sweeping overview of depictions of the Liberty Bell in historical and modern art, music, literature, and other cultural areas. It thus not only serves as a valuable resource in helping readers separate fact from myth regarding one of our nation's most potent national symbols but also provides a unique gateway for exploring the wider history of the United States.

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Alphabetical List of Entries.
Topical List of Entries.
Interesting Facts About the Liberty Bell.
1: Abolitionists and the Liberty Bell.
2: Advertising and the Liberty Bell.
3: African Americans and the Liberty Bell.
4: Allentown.
5: American Freedom Bell.
6: American Legion Freedom Bell.
7: American Lithuanian Liberty Bell.
8: “America’s Liberty Bells” (Song, 1911).
9: Annecy Liberty Bell Replica.
10: Atlanta Cotton States and International Exposition of 1895.
11: Bayle v. New Orleans (1885).
12: “Bell and the Glass, The” (Artwork, 2003).
13: Bell Telephone Company and the Liberty Bell.
14: Bells, Belles.
15: Bell’s First Note, The (Painting, 1913).
16: “Bells of Fate, The” (Song, 1894).
17: Bicentennial and the Liberty Bell.
18: Bicentennial Bell.
19: Bunker Hill Monument Anniversary in Boston (1903).
20: Campaign Buttons and the Liberty Bell.
21: Canadian Liberty Bells.
22: Cartoons and the Liberty Bell.
23: Casting the Liberty Bell.
24: Celebration 1976 (Print).
25: Centennial Bell.
26: Centennial Exposition of 1876.
27: Chapman, Maria Weston.
28: Children and the Liberty Bell.
29: Civil Religion and the Liberty Bell.
30: Coins, Medals, and Stamps Depicting the Liberty Bell.
31: College and University Campuses with Replicas of the Liberty Bell.
32: Columbian Liberty Bell.
33: Composition of the Liberty Bell.
34: “Congratulations, Liberty Bell” (Song, 1933).
35: Congressional Resolution on Ringing Bells on Independence Day (1963).
36: Conspiracy Theories About the Liberty Bell.
37: Crack in the Liberty Bell.
38: Cuban Liberty Bell.
39: Cumberland County Liberty Bell.
40: Czech Liberty Bell.
41: Declaration of Independence and the Liberty Bell.
42: Democracy and the Liberty Bell.
43: Dimensions, Weight, and Cost of the Liberty Bell.
44: Display of the Liberty Bell in the 1850s.
45: Display of the Liberty Bell in 1894.
46: Displays of the Liberty Bell.
47: Dublin’s Freedom and Liberty Bells.
48: Eagles, Flags, the Statue of Liberty, and Related Symbols.
49: Fiction and the Liberty Bell.
50: Films and the Liberty Bell.
51: Freedom Bell.
52: “Get Off the Track! (A Song for Emancipation)” (Song, 1844).
53: Global Significance of the Liberty Bell.
54: Hibernia.
55: “Independence Bell—July 4, 1776” (Poem, 1871).
56: Independence Day.
57: Independence Hall.
58: Inscription on the Liberty Bell.
59: Journeys of the Liberty Bell.
60: Justice Bell.
61: King, Martin Luther, Jr..
62: Kissing the Liberty Bell.
63: Koons, Jeff.
64: Landscapes and Bells.
65: Leviticus 25:10.
66: Liberty, Meaning of.
67: Liberty, Texas, Replica of the Liberty Bell.
68: “Liberty Bell” (Song, 1885).
69: “Liberty Bell” (Song, 1952).
70: “Liberty Bell (It’s Time to Ring Again)” (Song, 1917).
71: “Liberty Bell, Ring On!” (Song, 1918).
72: “Liberty Bell, The” (Poem, 1843).
73: “Liberty Bell, The” (Poem, 1893).
74: “Liberty Bell, The” (Poem, 1895).
75: Liberty Bell as Fighting Inspiration and Symbol.
76: Liberty Bell Awards.
77: Liberty Bell Center.
78: Liberty Bell Classic (1980).
79: Liberty Bell Gift Books.
80: “Liberty Bell March, The” (Song, 1893).
81: Liberty Bell Mural.
82: Liberty Bell of Louvain.
83: Liberty Bell of the West.
84: Liberty Bell Park.
85: Liberty Bell Pavilion.
86: Liberty Bell 7 Spacecraft.
87: Liberty Belle (Comics).
88: “Liberty Bells” (Poem, 1851).
89: “Liberty Bells Are Ringing, The” (Song, 1917).
90: Liberty Loans.
91: Liberty Mosaic.
92: Liberty Trees and Liberty Poles.
93: “Liberty’s Bell” (Poem).
94: Lippard, George.
95: Little Liberty Bell of the Old Northwest Territory.
96: Living Photographs of the Liberty Bell.
97: Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis (1904).
98: Luminous Liberty Bell.
99: MacLeish, Archibald.
100: Madden, R. R..
101: Maintenance of the Liberty Bell.
102: “Make the ‘Old Bell’ Ring” (Song, 1918).
103: Mexican Liberty Bell.
104: Moore, R. R. R..
105: Morton v. City of Philadelphia (1895).
106: Museums of the Liberty Bell.
107: Music and the Liberty Bell.
108: Myerson v. Samuel (1947).
109: Names for the Liberty Bell.
110: National Freedom Day.
111: National Park Service.
112: Normandy Liberty Bell.
113: Norris, Isaac, II.
114: Occasions for Ringing the Liberty Bell.
115: Old Hickory Liberty Bell.
116: “Old Liberty Bell” (Poem, 1887).
117: “Old State House Bell” (Song, 1855).
118: “Once More the Liberty Bell Shall Chime Liberty to All” (Song, 1919).
119: Oral Tradition and the Liberty Bell.
120: “Our Liberty Bell” (Song, 1918).
121: Ownership of the Liberty Bell.
122: Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco (1915).
123: Pass and Stow.
124: Pennsylvania.
125: Pennsylvania Charter of Privileges (1701).
126: Pennsylvania Emancipation Exposition of 1913.
127: Phil Tovrea’s Liberty Bell Replica.
128: Philippine Liberty Bell.
129: Photographing the Liberty Bell.
130: Pierpont, John.
131: Political and Social Movements and the Liberty Bell.
132: Presidents and Foreign Dignitaries at the Liberty Bell.
133: Quakers.
134: Reconciliation and the Liberty Bell.
135: Reminder Marches.
136: Replicas of the Liberty Bell.
137: “Ring It Again! (The Call of the Liberty Bell)” (Song).
138: “Ring Out Liberty Bell” (Song, 1918).
139: “Ring Out Ye Bell of Liberty” (Song, 1918).
140: “Ring the Bell, Watchman!” (Song, 1865).
141: Ringing of the Liberty Bell.
142: Ringing Out Liberty (Painting, 1930).
143: Roadside Exhibits of the Liberty Bell.
144: Robinson’s Liberty Bells.
145: Security for the Liberty Bell.
146: Sesquicentennial International Exposition.
147: Shape of the Liberty Bell.
148: Silence of the Liberty Bell.
149: Silent Peal from the Liberty Bell, A (1914).
150: Sister to the Liberty Bell.
151: Slot Machines.
152: “Song of the Liberty Bell, The” (Song, 1904).
153: South Carolina Interstate and West Indian Exposition of 1902.
154: Souvenirs of the Liberty Bell.
155: Spirit of Liberty Bell.
156: State Liberty Bell Replicas.
157: Statue of Liberty.
158: Surface of the Liberty Bell.
159: Symbolism of the Liberty Bell.
160: Taco Liberty Bell.
161: Tapping and Broadcasting the Sound of the Liberty Bell.
162: Tokyo, Japan, Replica of the Liberty Bell.
163: Tourism and the Liberty Bell.
164: Two-Hundred-and-Fiftieth Anniversary Liberty Bell.
165: Union “Liberty Bell” Polka (Song, 1860).
166: United States v. Marcavage (2010).
167: Verdin Company.
168: Veterans Stadium Liberty Bell.
169: Virginia Liberty Bell.
170: “Voice of Liberty, The” (Song, 1917).
171: “Voice of the Old Bell, The” (Song, 1876).
172: Wallace, William Ross.
173: Warwick, Charles F..
174: Washington Monument Fund, in re (1893).
175: Whitechapel Foundry.
176: “Who Knocked a Crack in the Liberty Bell?” (Song, 1976).
177: Wilbank, John.
178: Women’s Suffrage and the Liberty Bell.
179: World Peace Bell.
180: World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago (1893).
181: World’s Industrial and Cotton Exhibition in New Orleans (1885).
182: Wreath-Laying at the Liberty Bell.
183: Year of Jubilee.
184: “You’re a Grand Old Bell” (Song, 1919).
185: Zion Reformed Church.