The Palgrave Handbook of African Colonial and Postcolonial History, 1st Edition

  • Martin S. Shanguhyia
  • Toyin Falola
  • Published By: Palgrave MacMillan
  • ISBN-10: 1137594268
  • ISBN-13: 9781137594266
  • DDC: 960
  • 1362 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2018 | Published/Released February 2021
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2018

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This wide-ranging volume presents the most complete appraisal of modern African history to date. It assembles dozens of new and established scholars to tackle the questions and subjects that define the field, ranging from the economy, the two world wars, nationalism, decolonization, and postcolonial politics to religion, development, sexuality, and the African youth experience. Contributors are drawn from numerous fields in African studies, including art, music, literature, education, and anthropology. The themes they cover illustrate the depth of modern African history and the diversity and originality of lenses available for examining it. Older themes in the field have been treated to an engaging re-assessment, while new and emerging themes are situated as the book's core strength. The result is a comprehensive, vital picture of where the field of modern African history stands today. This title presents a comprehensive overview of African colonial and postcolonial history; provides an invaluable reference for students and scholars of history and African studies; and includes fifty-two chapters from emerging and established across numerous disciplines in African history and African studies. It demonstrates how the field of modern African history has evolved and expanded since the mid-twentieth century.

Table of Contents

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1: Colonial Africa.
2: Colonialism and the African Environment.
3: Colonial Administrations and the Africans.
4: Slavery in the Colonial State and After.
5: Africans and the Colonial Economy.
6: African Women in Colonial Economies.
7: Colonialism and African Womanhood.
8: Administration, Economy, and Society in the Portuguese African Empire (1900–1975).
9: Christian Evangelization and Its Legacy.
10: Colonial Education.
11: Health and Medicine in Colonial Society.
12: African Colonial Urban Experience.
13: Africa and the First World War.
14: Africa and the Second World War.
15: Colonialism and African Migrations.
16: Colonialism and African Childhood.
17: Literature in Colonial Africa.
18: Art, African Identities, and Colonialism.
19: Intensification and Attenuation: Colonial Influences on an African Culture.
20: Youth and Popular Culture in Colonial Africa.
21: The Horn of Africa and the Black Anticolonial Imaginary (1896–1915).
22: Colonial Africa and the West.
23: International Law, Colonialism, and the African.
24: Colonialism and Development in Africa.
25: Nationalism and African Intellectuals.
26: Decolonization Histories.
27: Postcolonial Africa.
28: Africa and the Cold War.
29: African Politics Since Independence.
30: Secession and Separatism in Modern Africa.
31: Postcolonial Africa and the West.
32: The USA and Africa.
33: Franco-African Relations: Still Exceptional?.
34: Algeria and France: Beyond the Franco-Algerian Lens.
35: China and Africa.
36: Africa and Global Financial Institutions.
37: Development History and Postcolonial African Experience.
38: African Diasporas and Postcolonial Africa.
39: Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa.
40: The Unfinished Business of Postcolonialism: Theological Perspectives.
41: South Africa: Apartheid and Post-Apartheid.
42: The Pan-African Experience: From the Organization of African Unity to the African Union.
43: Africa and Human Rights.
44: Education in Postcolonial Africa.
45: African Women and the Postcolonial State.
46: Young People and Public Space in Africa: Past and Present.
47: Colonialism and African Sexualities.
48: Culture, Artifacts, and Independent Africa: The Cultural Politics of Museums and Heritage.
49: Building the African Novel on Quick sand: Politics of Language, Identity, and Ownership.
50: Music and Postcolonial Africa.
51: Sports and Politics in Postcolonial Africa.
52: Media, Society, and the Postcolonial State.
53: Between Diaspora and Homeland: The Study of Africa and the African Diaspora in the USA.