Encyclopedia of Scientific Principles, Laws, and Theories, 1st Edition

  • Robert E. Krebs
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  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - College Senior
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  • Original Copyright 2008 | Published/Released June 2009
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2008

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Provides descriptions of the most famous scientific concepts, principles, laws, and theories that are known in the areas of astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, medicine, meteorology, and physics.

Table of Contents

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List of Entries.
1: Introduction.
2: Abbe's Theory for Correcting Lens Distortions.
3: Abegg's Rule and Valence Theory.
4: Abel's Theory of Groups (Abelian Groups).
5: Adams' Concept of Hydrogenation.
6: Adhemar's Ice Age Theory.
7: Agassiz's Geological Theories.
8: Agricola's Theories of Earthquakes and Volcanoes.
9: Airy's Concepts of Geologic Equilibrium.
10: Al-Battani's Theories.
11: Alvarez's Hypotheses of Subatomic Collisions.
12: Ambartsumian's Theory of Stellar Associations.
13: Amdahl's Law.
14: Ampère's Theories of Electrodynamics.
15: Anaximander's Concepts and Ideas.
16: Anderson's Positron Theory.
17: Anderson's Theories and Model.
18: Ångströom's Principle of Spectrum Analysis and Related Theories.
19: Arago's Wave Theory of Light and Arago's Disk.
20: Arber's Concept of the Structure of DNA.
21: Archimedes' Theories.
22: Aristotle's Theories.
23: Arrhenius' Theories, Principles, and Concepts.
24: Aston's Whole Number Rule.
25: Atomism Theories.
26: Auger Effect, The.
27: Avogadro's Law, Hypotheses, and Number.
28: Baade's Theories of Stellar Phenomena.
29: Babbage's Theory of Computing.
30: Babinet's Principle.
31: Babo's Law.
32: Bacon's Concept of Inductive Reasoning.
33: Baekeland's Concept of Synthetic Polymerization.
34: Baer's Laws of Embryonic Development.
35: Baeyer's Strain Theory for Compound Stability.
36: Bahcall's Theory for the Solar Neutrino Model.
37: Bakker's Dinosaur Theory.
38: Balmer Series.
39: Baltimore's Hypothesis for the Reverse Transfer of RNA to DNA.
40: Banach's Theory of Topological Vector Spaces.
41: Banting's Theory for Isolating Pancreatic Insulin.
42: Bardeen's Theory of Superconductivity.
43: Barringer's Impact Theory of Craters.
44: Beaumont's Theory for the Origin of Mountains.
45: Becquerel's Hypothesis of X-Ray Fluorescence.
46: Beer's Law.
47: Behring's Theory of Immunology.
48: Bell's Law (Also Known as the Bell–Magendie Law).
49: Bergeron's Theory of Cloud Processes.
50: Bernoulli's Law of Large Numbers.
51: Bernoulli's Principle.
52: Berzeliu's Chemical Theories.
53: Bessel's Astronomical Theories.
54: Bethe's Theory of Thermonuclear Energy.
55: Biot–Savart Law.
56: Birkeland's Theory of the Aurora Borealis.
57: Bjerknes' Theory of Air Masses.
58: Black's Theories of Heat.
59: Bode's Law for Planetary Orbits.
60: Bohm's Interpretation of the Uncertainty Theory for Electrons.
61: Bohr's Quantum Theory of Atomic Structure.
62: Bok's Globules Theory of Star Formation.
63: Boltzmann's Laws, Hypotheses, and Constant.
64: Bonnet's Theories of Parthenogenesis and Catastrophism.
65: Boole's Theory of Symbolic Logic.
66: Born–Haber Theory of Cycle Reactions.
67: Boyle's Law.
68: Bradley's Theory of a Moving Earth.
69: Brahe's Theory of the Changing Heavens.
70: Buffon's Theories of Nature.
71: Bunsen's Theory of the Spectrochemistry of Elements.
72: B2FH (Burbidge–Burbidge–Fowler–Hoyle) Theory, The.
73: Cagniard De La Tour's Concept of "Critical State".
74: Cailletet's Concept for Liquefying Gases.
75: Calvin's Carbon Cycle.
76: Candolle's Concept of Plant Classification.
77: Cannizzaro's Theory of Atomic and Molecular Weights.
78: Cantor's Mathematical Theories.
79: Cardano's Cubic Equation.
80: Carnot's Theories of Thermodynamics.
81: Casimir Force (Effect).
82: Caspersson's Theory of Protein Synthesis.
83: Cassini's Hypothesis for the Size of the Solar System.
84: Cavendish's Theories and Hypothesis.
85: Celsius Temperature Scale.
86: Chadwick's Neutron Hypothesis.
87: Chambers' Theory of the Origin of Life.
88: Chandrasekhar Limit.
89: Chang's Theories and Concepts.
90: Chang's Theory of Capacitation.
91: Chapman-Enskog Kinetic Theory of Gases.
92: Chargaff's Hypothesis for the Composition of DNA.
93: Charles' Law.
94: Charney's Theoretical Meteorology.
95: Charpak's Concept of Tracking Particles.
96: Charpentier's Glacier Theory.
97: Chevreul's Theory of Fatty Acids.
98: Chu's Hypothesis for "High Temperature" Superconductivity.
99: Clarke's Supergene Theory.
100: Claude's Concept for Producing Liquid Air.
101: Clausius' Laws and Theory of Thermodynamics.
102: Cockcroft–Walton Artificial Nuclear Reaction.
103: Cohn's Bacteria and Cell Theories.
104: Compton's Wave–Particle Hypotheses.
105: Conway's Game of Life Theory.
106: Copernicus' Cosmology Theories.
107: Corey's Theory of Retrosynthetic Analysis.
108: Coriolis' Theory of Forces Acting on Rotating Surfaces.
109: Cori Theory of Catalytic Conversion of Glycogen, The.
110: Coulomb's Laws.
111: Couper's Theory for the Structure of Carbon Compounds.
112: Crick–Watson Theory of DNA.
113: Crookes' Radiation Theories.
114: Crutzen's Theory of Ozone Depletion.
115: Curies' Radiation Theories and Hypotheses.
116: Curl's Hypothesis for a New Form of Carbon.
117: Cuvier's Theories of Anatomy and Taxonomy.
118: Daguerre's Concept of How to "Freeze" Images Made by the Camera Obscura.
119: Dale's Theory of Vagus Nerve Stimuli.
120: D'Alembert's Principle of Fluid Dynamics.
121: Dalton's Laws and Theories.
122: Dana's Theory of Geosyncline.
123: Daniell's Concept of the Electro-Chemical Cell.
124: Darlington's Theory of Cell Nuclear Divisions.
125: Darwin's Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.
126: Davisson's Theory of Diffraction of Electrons.
127: Davy's Concept that Electric Current can be Used to Separate Elements.
128: Dawkins' Theory of Evolution.
129: De Beer's Germ-Layer Theory.
130: De Broglie's Wave Theory of Matter.
131: Debye–Hückel Theory of Electrolytes.
132: Dehmelt's Electron Trap.
133: Delbrük's and Luria's Phage Theory.
134: Democritus' Atomic Theory of Matter.
135: Descartes' Theories and Philosophy.
136: De Vries' "Pangenes" Theory of Evolution.
137: Dewar's Concept of Liquefying Gases.
138: D'Herelle's Bacteriolytic Theory.
139: Dicke's Theory of the Big Bang.
140: Diesel's Concept of an Internal Combustion Engine.
141: Dirac's Relativistic Theories.
142: Djerassi's Theory for Synthetic Oral Contraception.
143: DÖBereiner's Law of Triads.
144: Dobzhansky's Theory of Genetic Diversity.
145: Domagk's Concept of Dyes as an Antibiotic.
146: Doppler's Principle.
147: Douglass' Theory of Dendrochronology.
148: Drake Equation, The.
149: Draper's Ray Theory.
150: Dulbecco's Theory of Cancer Cell Transformation.
151: Dumas' Substitution Theory.
152: Dyson's Theory of Quantum Electrodynamics.
153: Eddington's Theories and Concepts.
154: Edison's Theory of Thermionic Effect.
155: Ehrlich's "Designer" Drug Hypothesis.
156: Eigen's Theory of Fast Ionic Reactions.
157: Einstein's Theories, Hypotheses, and Concepts.
158: Einthoven's Theory that the Heart Generates an Electric Current.
159: Ekman's Hypothesis of the Coriolis Effect on Ocean Currents.
160: Eldredge–Gould Theory of Punctuated Evolution.
161: Elion's Theory for Cell Differences.
162: Elton's Theory of Animal Ecology.
163: Enders' Theory for Cultivation of Viruses.
164: Eötvös' Rule (Law).
165: Erasistratus' Theory of Anatomy and Physiology.
166: Eratosthenes' Mathematical Concepts.
167: Ernst's Theory of the Magnetic Moment of Atomic Nuclei.
168: Esaki's Theory of Tunnel Diodes.
169: Euclid's Paradigm for All Bodies of Knowledge.
170: Eudoxus' Theory of Planetary Motion.
171: Euler's Contributions in Mathematics.
172: Everett's Multiple-Universe Theory of Reality.
173: Ewing's Hypothesis for Undersea Mountain Ridges.
174: Eyring's Quantum Theory of Chemical Reaction Rates.
175: Fabricius' Theory of Embryology.
176: Fahrenheit's Concept of a Thermometer.
177: Fairbank's Quark Theory.
178: Fajans' Rules for Chemical Bonding.
179: Fallopius' Theories of Anatomy.
180: Faraday's Laws and Principles.
181: Fermat's Principles and Theories.
182: Fermi's Nuclear Theories.
183: Fessenden's Concept of the Thermionic Diode.
184: Feynman's Theory of Quantum Electrodynamics (QED).
185: Fibonacci's Numbering System.
186: Fick's Laws of Diffusion.
187: Fischer's Projection Formulas.
188: Fitzgerald's Concept of Electromagnetic Contraction.
189: Fizeau's Theory of the Nature of Light as a Wave.
190: Fleischmann's Theory for Cold Fusion.
191: Fleming's Bactericide Hypothesis.
192: Fleming's Rules for Determining Direction of Vectors.