Modern Genocide: Analyzing the Controversies and Issues, 1st Edition

  • Paul R. Bartrop
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This vital reference work looks at current areas of debate in genocide studies to provide insights into what a genocide is, why genocides occur, and what the consequences are once a genocide is recognized as such. It also illuminates how and why rational people can view the same set of circumstances as genocide or not, and how it might be possible in the future to alleviate or even prevent genocide. Articles by accomplished scholars are organized into five parts: how genocide is defined; the pre-1945 period and controversial topics such as the American Indian Wars, Australian Aborigines, Irish Potato Famine, Armenian Genocide, Ukrainian Starvation, and Holocaust; the Cold War and genocidal violence in Cambodia, East Timor, and Guatemala and against the Kurds; the post-Cold War period covering Bosnia, Rwanda, Darfur, and the Rohingya in Myanmar; and issues such as genocide prevention, humanitarian intervention, and the role of military personnel as perpetrators of genocide.

Table of Contents

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Defining Genocide.
1: Is The United Nations’ 1948 Definition of Genocide Still Viable Given More Recent Genocidal Events?.
2: Modern Genocide Background Essay 1.1.
3: The Concept of Genocide.
4: Genocide: The Definitional Problem.
5: Is The Definition of Genocide Still Viable?.
Genocide Before 1945.
6: Did The American Indian Wars Constitute Genocide?.
7: Modern Genocide Background Essay 2.1.
8: Cultural Genocide of Native American People.
9: A Clash of Incompatible Cultures.
10: Three Centuries of Genocide.
11: Were Australian Aborigines Subject To Genocide?.
12: Modern Genocide Background Essay 3.1.
13: Not Genocide: Historical Controversy Over Australian Aborigines.
14: Multiple Phases of Genocide.
15: Genocidal Intent in The Context of Australia.
16: Was The Irish Potato Famine A Genocide?.
17: Modern Genocide Background Essay 4.1.
18: Omission Not Commission.
19: English Policy in Ireland.
20: Was The Destruction of The Hereros Simply A Part of The Colonial Process, Or Was It A Deliberate Policy of Genocidal Annihilation?.
21: Modern Genocide Background Essay 5.1.
22: Influence of War on German Colonial Policy.
23: Racism And The Herero Genocide.
24: Why Is The Armenian Genocide Not As Well Known As Some Other Major Genocides?.
25: Modern Genocide Background Essay 6.1.
26: The Armenian Genocide: The Politics of Memory.
27: Historical Amnesia And The Armenian Genocide.
28: Public Memory And Official Denial.
29: Do The United States, Israel, And The United Nations Have Valid Reasons for Not Formally Recognizing The Armenian Genocide?.
30: Modern Genocide Background Essay 7.1.
31: Problem of Recognition of The Armenian Genocide And International Relations With Modern Turkey.
32: Diplomacy And Denial: Reluctance To Recognize The Armenian Genocide.
33: Deliberate Forgetfulness: Diplomacy And Denial.
34: Was The Ukrainian Famine (The Holodomor of The Early 1930S) A Genocide?.
35: Modern Genocide Background Essay 8.1.
36: Deliberate Inaction: Soviet Policies And Holodomor.
37: Holodomor And The Un Genocide Convention Criteria.
38: Intentionality And The Holodomor.
39: Should The Allies Have Bombed Auschwitz?.
40: Modern Genocide Background Essay 9.1.
41: Allies Should Have Bombed Rail Lines.
42: Bombing Auschwitz And Political Will.
43: Gauging Success: What Would Bombing Auschwitz Have Accomplished?.
44: Diverted Resources And Grand Strategy.
45: Was The Vatican A Bystander To The Holocaust?.
46: Modern Genocide Background Essay 10.1.
47: Waiting for An Answer: Closed Archives And Pope Pius Xii.
48: Moral Leadership of Pope Pius Xii.
49: Role of Bystanders: Lacking A Comprehensive Picture.
50: Was Adolf Hitler The Primary Driving Force Behind The Holocaust, Or Would It Have Occurred Even Without His Leadership?.
51: Modern Genocide Background Essay 11.1.
52: The Central Role of Hitler.
53: The Key Role of The German People.
54: The Historical Roots of The Holocaust.
Genocide During The Cold War.
55: Did Australia’S Relationship With Indonesia Play A Role in The Genocide in East Timor?.
56: Modern Genocide Background Essay 12.1.
57: Australia’S Complicity in East Timor.
58: Australia: A Beneficiary of The East Timor Genocide?.
59: Did The United States And Most Other Western Countries Turn A Blind Eye To Indonesian Atrocities in East Timor From 1975 Onward?.
60: Modern Genocide Background Essay 13.1.
61: Diplomatic Support Amid Indonesian Military Action in East Timor.
62: U.S., British, And Australian Support of Indonesia.
63: Who Bears Principal Responsibility for The Cambodian Genocide?.
64: Modern Genocide Background Essay 14.1.
65: Direct Role of Khmer Rouge.
66: Ideological Motivations for Political Mass Murder.
67: Khmer Rouge: Ideological Purpose of Genocide.
68: Did Racism Or Political Ideology Play A Greater Role in The Guatemalan Genocide?.
69: Modern Genocide Background Essay 15.1.
70: Race And Ideology: Long-Term Causes of The Guatemalan Genocide.
71: Race And Anticommunism in The Guatemalan Genocide.
72: Was The Kurdish Genocide Possible Without The Iran-Iraq War?.
73: Modern Genocide Background Essay 16.1.
74: Kurdish Genocide And Saddam Hussein.
75: Genocide Without The Iran-Iraq War.
76: The Context of The Iran-Iraq War.
77: Did The Failure of The International Community To Accord The Kurds Their Own Nation-State Play A Key Role in Saddam Hussein’S Decision To Commit Genocide Against Them?.
78: Modern Genocide Background Essay 17.1.
79: Responsibilities of The International Community.
80: Appeals for Self-Determination Ignored by The International Community.
81: The Role of Turkish Policy Regarding Kurdish Statehood.
Genocide From The 1990S To The Present.
82: Did The End of The Cold War Play A Major Role in The Events That Led To The Bosnian Genocide?.
83: Modern Genocide Background Essay 18.1.
84: Long-Term Causes of Balkan Tensions.
85: Yugoslav Wars And The Bosnian Genocide.
86: Was The International Community Justified in Initially Avoiding Military Action To Prevent Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia?.
87: Modern Genocide Background Essay 19.1.
88: Slow And Unsure Military Action.
89: Limited Intervention Justifiable And Understandable.
90: Domestic Politics Delayed Military Action.
91: Was French Involvement in Rwanda A Major Factor in The 1994 Rwandan Genocide?.
92: Modern Genocide Background Essay 20.1.
93: France’S Complicity in The Rwandan Genocide.
94: Colonialism, France, And The Rwandan Genocide.
95: Does The Film Hotel Rwanda Accurately Depict The Rwandan Genocide?.
96: Modern Genocide Background Essay 21.1.
97: Historical Revisionism And Paul Rusesabagina.
98: Hotel Rwanda And Memory.
99: Could The United Nations Have Done More To Stop The Genocide in Rwanda?.
100: Modern Genocide Background Essay 22.1.
101: The United Nations Could Not Have Stopped The Genocide.
102: The United Nations Could Have Stopped The Genocide With A Stronger Mandate.
103: What Was The Primary Cause of The Darfur Genocide?.
104: Modern Genocide Background Essay 23.1.
105: Omar Al-Bashir, Arabism, And The International Community.
106: Role of Government of Sudan.
107: Is The Conflict in Darfur An Example of A Just Case for Intervention?.
108: Modern Genocide Background Essay 24.1.
109: Moral And Legal Obligations May Be Contradictory.
110: People’S Welfare Outweighs States’ Sovereignty.
111: A Just Reason for International Intervention.
112: Should The Ethnic Cleansing Committed Against The Rohingya Minority in Myanmar in 2017 Be Considered Genocide?.
113: Modern Genocide Background Essay 25.1.
114: The Rohingya: Genocide in Myanmar?.
115: Ethnic Cleansing And Genocide: The Destruction of The Rohingya.
Prevention, Intervention, And The Future.
116: What Are The Most Effective Ways To Prevent Future Genocides?.
117: Modern Genocide Background Essay 26.1.
118: Genocide Watch: Warning Signs And Prevention Policy.
119: Prevention: Studies And Recommendations.
120: Reservations About Genocide Prevention.
121: Can Humanitarian Intervention in Countries Suffering From Genocidal Violence Be Justified, Even Though Such Intervention Conflicts With International Law?.
122: Modern Genocide Background Essay 27.1.
123: Military Intervention Not Justified.
124: Humanitarian Intervention And National Sovereignty.
125: The Complex History of International Law And Humanitarian Intervention.
126: Why Did It Take The United States Almost 40 Years To Ratify The 1948 Un Convention on Genocide?.
127: Modern Genocide Background Essay 28.1.
128: Reluctance To Ratify.
129: International And Domestic Factors Hindering Ratification.
130: Should Military Personnel Be Treated Differently From Other Perpetrators in Cases of Genocide?.
131: Modern Genocide Background Essay 29.1.
132: Military Personnel: Specialized Training And Personal Responsibility.
133: International Law And Military Personnel.
134: Responsibility of Military Personnel And International Law.
Appendix United Nations Convention on The Prevention And Punishment of The Crime of Genocide, December 9, 1948.
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