The Papers of Joseph Trimble Rothrock, M.D.

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Joseph Trimble Rothrock (1839- 1922), well known as "the father of forestry in Pennsylvania" is also distinguished for his contributions to North American botany. Closely associated with his Pennsylvania reforestation program are noteworthy endeavors to rally public opinion, obtain the cooperation of Pennsylvania's political leadership, and develop effective government-private sector collaboration in establishing and administering a reforestation program in a state that previously had no public wilderness or forest preserves. Additionally, Rothrock is credited with signal accomplishments in forestry education and the development of outdoor recreation opportunities. Rothrock's work in Pennsylvania largely led the way for similar programs in other states and in Canada. Prior to taking up the reforestation crusade, Rothrock was at the forefront of a major transition in botany from a largely taxonomic activity to plant physiology and pathology.

The Papers of Joseph Trimble Rothrock include:
scientific notes
texts of speeches and lectures
press clippings
news items

This collection is organized chronologically by category. These papers are an important resource for those studying the history of science, the history of forestry, and botany.

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