The Geologic History of Earth: The Mesozoic Era, 1st Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - 12th Grade
  • 288 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2011 | Published/Released March 2012
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2011

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Dinosaurs have captured the imaginations of children and adults alike since the first fossil discoveries mapped them onto our general body of knowledge. This book journeys to an era long before humans, where dinosaurs were once masters of land, sky, and sea. In addition to accounts of significant dinosaur species and their extinction, readers will learn about the major life forms, both plant and animal, alongside whom dinosaurs dwelled, as well as the geographical and environmental factors that affected their subsistence.

Table of Contents

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1: Overview of the Mesozoic Era.
2: Mesozoic Geology.
3: The Tethys Sea.
4: Mesozoic Life.
5: Life in the Oceans.
6: Life on Land.
7: Mass Extinction at the End of the Mesozoic.
8: The Dinosaurs.
9: The Triassic Period.
10: The Triassic Environment.
11: Paleogeography.
12: Paleoclimate.
13: Triassic Life.
14: Mass Extinctions of the Triassic.
15: Invertebrates.
16: Vertebrates.
17: Plants.
18: Significant Dinosaurs of the Triassic Period.
19: Other Significant Life-Forms of the Triassic Period.
20: Triassic Geology.
21: Continental Rifting in the Triassic.
22: Mountain-Building Activity in the Triassic.
23: The Stages of the Triassic Period.
24: The Jurassic Period.
25: The Jurassic Environment.
26: Paleogeography.
27: Paleoclimate.
28: Jurassic Life.
29: Marine Life.
30: Terrestrial Life.
31: Plants.
32: Significant Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Period.
33: Other Significant Life-Forms of the Jurassic Period.
34: Jurassic Geology.
35: The Economic Significance of Jurassic Deposits.
36: The Occurrence and Distribution of Jurassic Rocks.
37: The Major Subdivisions of the Jurassic System.
38: The Stages of the Jurassic Period.
39: Significant Jurassic Formations and Discoveries.
40: Coprolites.
41: The Morrison Formation.
42: The Purbeck Beds.
43: The Solnhofen Limestone.
44: The Cretaceous Period.
45: The Cretaceous Environment.
46: Paleogeography.
47: Paleoclimate.
48: Cretaceous Life.
49: Marine Life.
50: Terrestrial Life.
51: The End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction.
52: Significant Dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period.
53: Other Significant Life-Forms of the Cretaceous Period.
54: Cretaceous Geology.
55: The Economic Significance of Cretaceous Deposits.
56: The Occurrence and Distribution of Cretaceous Rocks.
57: Types of Cretaceous Rocks.
58: The Correlation of Cretaceous Strata.
59: The Major Subdivisions of the Cretaceous System.
60: The Stages of the Cretaceous Period.
61: Significant Cretaceous Formations and Discoveries.
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