Corporate View Research Park
Corporate View Research Park

All About the Research Park

We believe that putting all our eggs in one basket is a great idea.

In fact, we've gone to great lengths to do just that. We believe that pooling our resources and having all our research personnel in one location is a sound business move. We call it our Research Park. It's really an interactive group of research teams.

We have too many minds to waste in isolation . . . we want them to interact.

We like being where we can communicate and exchange ideas—where one group helps another. We want to avoid duplication of efforts, and we can do this when we carry on a continual dialogue. To borrow the cliché, we want the left hand to know what the right hand is doing.

Sharing ideas, even with the conveniences of cyberspace, is difficult when one research facility is on the West Coast and another is in the Midwest. There is nothing like the synergy of meeting face-to-face and getting your hands dirty together. Every other week, the designers, engineers, and management teams from each research facility get together for an informal Update Lunch and Chat Session. Different teams take turns sharing what they're doing. Then there is a question and answer time.

Another advantage of being in one location is the ability to work in effective teams.   Teamwork is an important aspect of the Research Park concept.

We want communication to be open. It's good for us. It's good for our customers.