International Headquarters
International Headquarters

All About Corporate Headquarters

The mission of Corporate View is to design, develop, and deliver quality products and solutions for its customers and to make a profit for its stockholders.  Nowhere in the company is this statement taken more seriously than at Corporate View's International Headquarters, located in Boulder, Colorado. The location contributed directly to the founding and initial success of the company. In 1995, Corporate View was listed 80th of the 500 fastest-growing companies by Corporations Inc. magazine.

Corporate Headquarters is located in a three-building complex.  The administration and HR offices are located in Building A.   Corporate Communications is located on level 2 of Building A.  Building B hosts the Finance and Accounting and the Legal Services teams.  Building C overlooks the Research Park at the north end of the complex.  It is our largest building and houses our Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support teams.  The IT teams have office space in each building, putting them close to the action.

TeleView has its office complex near the Research Park.  The other SBUs are located in separate offices around the country.   TravelView, our newest and smallest SBU, shares office space with TeleView.

Corporate Headquarters is not located in Boulder by accident. The quality of life in the area plays an important part in the lives of the employees. The Colorado air is fresh and pure, and plenty of mountains and open spaces are nearby. Nevertheless, Denver and big-city life are not far away.

Boulder is a progressive, academic community.  Employees live close to work and are an active part of the community.  Almost a third of the employees walk or ride a bike to work even though there are no snarled freeways and the only traffic jams are caused by elk.

Because of the natural beauty of the Colorado mountains, attracting excellent employees to the corporate office has not been difficult. As a matter of fact, the Research Park, formerly located in Silicon Valley in California, is now located in Boulder.   Most research employees were happy to move to the Rockies.

For many of our employees, Boulder and the surrounding environment are influential reasons to come to work for Corporate View.