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The Mission of Corporate View

The mission of Corporate View is to design, develop, and deliver quality products and solutions for its customers and to make a profit for its stockholders. Effective and creative employees are the keys to customer satisfaction and stockholder earnings. To enhance employee effectiveness, Corporate View will encourage teamwork and cooperation at all levels, increase the technical skills of its employees, and enhance communications among Corporate View business units, departments and teams.

News from the Corporate Officers and Business Units

President and CEO of Corporate View, Madeline Tucker, introduced the new Chairperson of the Board at the last shareholders' meeting. James Brown holds an MBA from Harvard University. He served as a bank president prior to coming to Corporate View's board.

Corporate View hosts six profitable and productive business units. See what's up at each of these divisions by visiting their Intranet Web sites!

TeleView - Boulder, Colorado

TravelView - Boulder, Colorado

RetailView - Dallas, Texas

MoneyView - New York, New York

MediView - Orlando, Florida

PublishView - Chicago, Illinois

International Headquarters - Boulder, Colorado

Research Park - Boulder, Colorado

Corporate Causes & Charities

Corporate View is proud of the generosity of its employees. Corporate View's corporate policy is to support charities that are important to you. The corporation will match 10 percent of your donation to any approved charity or nonprofit organization (up to 2 percent of your salary).

It works this way: If you give $100 to the United Way, for example, we will match it with an additional $10. Last year, TeleView gave $357,000 to your charities under this program. This represents a $3.57 million commitment from you to your charities. Together, we nearly pushed the total annual donations over the $4 million mark. See your HR manager for a complete list of qualified charities. If your charity is not on the approved list, visit with the Charities and Donations Manager in HR to see whether your favorite charity qualifies. Here are just a few of the charities Corporate View supports:

  • United Way
  • The Red Cross
  • Public Television
  • The Benchmark Homeless Shelter
  • The Girl Scouts
  • The Boy Scouts
  • Campfire Girls
  • Any local private or public school or school district foundation
  • Your local church or church group
  • Local YMCAs
  • Youth Sports Organizations

Note: Political parties and your favorite professional sports teams do not qualify.