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Here they are, stock watchers of Corporate View, links to the top stock-watching sites on the Web. Some may be busy, so if your first selections don't work, jump to another site.

Salomon Smith Barney (

This site provides an easy-to-use lookup of your favorite stocks. Click on this link and select Quotes from the sidebar. Enter your ticker symbol and click the Get Quote button. (Employees: If you have children, take them to the Young Investor's Network at You will need to register, but it is great fun and very informative for grades 5-8.)

New York Stock Exchange(

The New York Stock Exchange provides links to several sponsor sites that offer stock watchers a chance to check the latest quotes. Visit the site and choose an appropriate link to find stock prices. Choose a stock ticker service from the list for delayed quotes and follow its instructions.

Excite (

Excite provides a great service to give you insights to the different companies. Just enter a stock ticker in the search text box and click Search.

Yahoo (

Always a Web favorite, Yahoo's stock watcher gets you the information you need quickly. Click the Stock Quotes link and enter a stock ticker. Lots of other fun channels and top-notch business links are also on this site.

Lycos (

Lycos has always had a strong search tool, but it has become more aggressive in pursuing business users. The stock ticker is easy to use. Simply click the Stocks link and enter a stock symbol or company name.

Altavista (

Digital Corporation knows business. It demonstrates that with its search system. To find stock quotes, select the Stock Quotes link and enter a ticker.

Charles Schwab (

If anyone should know stocks, its Charles Schwab, the largest do-it-yourself discount broker. To find a stock quote, choose Performance Snapshot under Quotes & News.

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