Update from the CEO
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A Message from Corporate View's CEO, Madeline Tucker

Welcome to the Corporate View Intranet, the online service for our employees. The Corporate View Intranet links more than 29,000 employees in offices around the world. We are organized into six divisions we call strategic business units.

| TeleView | RetailView | MoneyView | MediView | PublishView | TravelView |

These business units are six semi-independent divisions that work together as a team. Each is led by a Vice President of Operations that reports directly to me. You can visit and learn about each division over our corporate Intranet. The Intranet allows us to work closely together as teams so we can take advantage of our greatest asset—our employees.  

Focus On Our Slogan

With all this technology, it may be easy to lose sight of our purpose. However, our slogan, "Designing, Developing, and Delivering Quality Products for People," denotes a commitment to put our customers first.

Because of this commitment, Corporate View has developed a diverse product line. That is why we organized our business units. Each unit or division represents the various product categories we design, develop, and deliver. We have created a comprehensive product line, and our customers have a product loyalty that other corporations envy.

Company Performance

The last quarter had its ups and downs. We survived a short-term drop in our stock price by rebounding in the last quarter—going up by 4 1/4 in the last few trading sessions. Your hard work and creativity have led to new products like:

  • The Ultra Mobile Video Phone that allows our customers to download and view their favorite shows on their phone.
  • The ZapSmart SmartPhone that comes with a powerful high-resolution camera.

These products are quickly capturing market share and comsumer attention, which is helping our stock's performance.

Why Use the Intranet?

The short answer: World-Wide Teamwork.

Because of the World Wide Web and our own Intranet, the distance between us is no longer a barrier. For example, it is easy for our manufacturing facility in Hong Kong to work closely with our Research Park in Boulder. It takes only a few keystrokes for our Florida MediView Marketing team to coordinate with our European Sales team. To be a global company, we no longer need be limited by time zones or the cost of airline tickets. We can now meet, create, and succeed by working as teams online.

And you can all benefit. I would like all of you to visit and read our new, online Employee Handbook . There you can learn about all of our policies and procedures and about the important employee benefits that each of you receive as a team member in this great company.

The Employee Handbook is just one example of how the intranet helps us. Before we established the Intranet, each of our business units worked very independently. There was little or no contact among units. For instance, the TeleView staff never interacted with the RetailView team, and the MediView staff never worked with the PublishView team. And not enough of our employees are taking advantage of the wonderful travel services provided by our newest business unit, TravelView.

Although teamwork thrived at the local level, we wanted to see that same team-working spirit expand across the corporation. We discovered that work performed by one business unit can be used and expanded on by other business units.

We learned this lesson when we consolidated our research and development at the Corporate View Research Park. We saw R&D teams from business units as different as TeleView and MediView sharing technological solutions that saved time and money. The teams created great new products that improved the lives of our customers and our bottom line.

It would be impossible to move all 29,431 of you together in the same place. But, we hope the Intranet will allow some of the same sharing and creativity that we have seen in the Research Park emerge everywhere in the corporation. Use the Intranet. Think of new ways to collaborate so that we can continue to design, develop, and deliver the finest products people can buy.

On The Home Front

We have experienced problems with the way dental benefits are administered in the USA. Please contact your HR department about expediting dental payments.

Remember that performance reviews are due at HR no later than the 15th. Also, managers, please submit your performance evaluations to your HR manager via email. Do not share this confidential information with anyone except your designated HR team member.

Thanks for all you do!

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Madeline Tucker

CEO and President
Corporate View

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