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Table, Records, and Fields

Database Elements
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Tables, Records, and Fields


A database table is composed of records and fields that hold data. Tables are also called datasheets. Each table in a database holds data about a different, but related, subject.

Figure 2 Database Table


Data is stored in records. A record is composed of fields and contains all the data about one particular person, company, or item in a database. In this database, a record contains the data for one customer support incident report. Records appear as rows in the database table. A record for Log ID 1201242 is highlighted in Figure 3.

Figure 3 Records appear as rows in a database table.


A field is part of a record and contains a single piece of data for the subject of the record. In the database table illustrated in Figure 4, each record contains four fields:

Log ID A number assigned to this customer support incident for identification purposes
Operator The code for the customer support operator who handled this incident
Resolved A check box to indicate whether the incident was resolved
Duration The time in seconds the operator spent on this incident

Fields appear as columns in a database table. Data from the Log ID field for five records is highlighted in the Figure 4.

Figure 4 Fields appear as columns in a database table.

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