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About Research and Development

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About Research and Development

Research and Development at Corporate View is primarily concerned with new products or innovations to existing products. Our job is to stay ahead of the competition and bring new products to the market.

Research teams are organized around the needs of the various market sectors in which Corporate View competes. Working closely with the mission-critical functions in each business unit, the folks from R&D take a look at what consumers will want or need in the future.

Take TeleView as one example. Five years before digital phone technology became a common means of communications, we were working on the next generation of digital phone equipment. Years before it became commonplace to check email with a digital phone, TeleView researchers had prototypes working in the lab. Years before talking to a computer was commonplace, our researchers were developing wireless headsets to make it easier to work with a voice-activated computer.

Our research extends into all our strategic business units. From video games to high-tech life-saving devices for the operating room, the Corporate View Research Park is busy creating, testing, and delivering the highest-quality products. Although our research into snowboards, ski equipment, and fly rods seems to be the most visible to our customers, we are constantly developing products that work behind the scenes to make things easier for people. Take, for example, our new Smart ATM technologies, making banking as easy as punching in a few numbers on your digital phone.

At Corporate View, we take R&D seriously. It keeps our business units on the cutting edge and brings profits to the corporation. If you have an idea for a new product or for improving a product, contact R&D. We are always open to your ideas and suggestions to help keep Corporate View on top of the industry.