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About Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support

The coordination among Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support staff demonstrates the value of teamwork and cooperation at Corporate View. Many corporations separate Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support into separate and distinct functions. We believe, however, that keeping these functions together helps us achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Marketing focuses on reaching customers or potential customers and informing them about Corporate View, its SBUs, and its products and services. We handle exhibitions at trade shows to promote our company and products. Surveys and focus groups are just two ways we seek input from customers to improve our products and promotions. We work closely with other departments at Corporate View. For example, we consult with Manufacturing to develop packaging options that will get our products noticed. We work with Corporate Communications to develop product information for the Corporate View Web site and with Research and Development to suggest new products or product enhancements.

The Sales team is involved directly with customers, explaining product features and benefits, price structures, and payment plans. All the marketing in the world is of little use without someone to close the deal. We fulfill this important function. We also provide feedback from customers to Marketing and Customer Support concerning problems with products or suggesting new products or features that customers are interested in.

The Customer Support team provides help and information to customers after the sale. We do our best to keep customers happy with Corporate View products and services. We have many opportunities to add value to a sale by suggesting related products or product enhancements to customers when they call us about a product they already own. We also provide feedback on the performance of our products to Marketing and Sales to help in planning for new products, marketing campaigns, or sales strategies.

By working together, we can develop higher-quality marketing and advertising campaigns, increase sales, and provide better service to customers—all leading to higher profits for Corporate View.

Marketing Organizations and Online Resources

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