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About Human Resources

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About Human Resources

The Human Resources Department manages employee services and benefits. Such services and benefits attract, motivate, and retain a highly talented, committed workforce. HR helps managers promote fair and equitable treatment of all employees. It also provides continuous training opportunities that will allow employees to improve job skills.

HR assists each business unit in hiring and training the finest possible workforce. As part of this mandate, HR manages the employee benefit programs to fairly identify and reward excellence and productivity. To this end, HR helps oversee the performance review process, which evaluates employee effectiveness. The process also extends to workgroup evaluations, teamwork training, and product/project management by teams.

We look for seven skills from our employees. These "super seven" are based on SCANS research; they help guide our hiring and employment efforts. If you'd like to know more about the SCANS workplace skills, visit the SCANS/2000 Web site.

The following are the super seven skills TeleView looks for in its new recruits.

  1. Problem-solving skills
  2. Technical communications skills
  3. Flexibility
  4. Drive
  5. Interpersonal skills
  6. Project management skills
  7. Teamwork skills

Another part of HR's mission is to see to the health and safety of employees and to encourage fairness and equal employment in all levels of the hiring process.

Forms, Forms, and More Forms

A corporation has more forms than you can count. Here are a few descriptions to help you through the maze of paper.

  1. The W-4 Form. Form W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate. Required by the Internal Revenue Service, this form allows you to plan your withholding and to claim any tax deductions you are entitled to.

  2. Proof of Citizenship Status Form. Required by law. Used by the Immigration and Naturalization Service to determine whether any undocumented immigrants are working at a corporation.

  3. Life Insurance Beneficiary Form. Allows you to select a primary and secondary beneficiary, or those who will receive your life insurance payments if you should die.

  4. Additional or Supplemental Insurance Forms. Many corporations offer expanded insurance benefits to employees through payroll deduction. If you want to increase your insurance coverage, you will have a portion of your salary deducted to pay for the expanded coverage.

  5. Health Choice Provider Form. Most medical plans require that the employee choose a specific plan and name a primary care provider. This may be a physician or an HMO (health maintenance organization). State and federal laws allow employees a range of choices in terms of their medical benefits and who provides them services.

  6. Dental Plan Selection Form. If a dental plan is provided, employees must choose a dentist or HMO dental office for their primary use.

  7. Retirement or 401K Investment Form. Employees may invest part of their salaries in several retirement savings options. One of the most popular is the 401K program. With 401Ks, employees do not pay taxes on the money they set aside or on the interest earned from stock, bonds, or other savings instruments used to increase the fund until after they retire.

  8. Corporate Credit Card Form. Employees who travel or make purchases for the corporation will need to apply for a corporate credit card. This may be an American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or other approved card.

  9. Direct Deposit Form. Employees may choose to have their checks deposited directly into their bank accounts. Employees need to know their bank account routing numbers, which can be obtained from the bank or secured from the bottom of checks.

  10. Travel and Other Reimbursement Forms. Employees who use their own money to travel or purchase items for the corporation can receive reimbursement by submitting a reimbursement form along with receipts. The receipts are required for tax purposes. Employees should make their own photocopies of all receipts and reimbursements.

  11. Accident Information Form. If you should have an accident while on the job, this form will tell your supervisors and attending medical personnel how to reach family members and will provide information about your blood type and health insurance.

  12. Security Card Information Form. Certain parts of Corporate View's facilities are secure areas. Entrance is limited to employees with approved security clearance. Your security card, which is also a picture identification card, must be worn at all times and used to unlock doors to secure areas.

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