TravelView: A Division of Corporate View
TravelView: A Division of Corporate View

Corporate View’s
Travel Division
Boulder, Colorado

Corporate View has a constant stream of visitors: clients, partners, current employees, and prospective new-hires from around the world. They come for meetings, new-hire interviews, and training.

TravelView was created when one of our employees suggested we could save money and provide better accommodations for our guests if we purchased and remodeled a rundown mountain lodge near the Corporate View International Headquarters.

The plan worked. And while we are Corporate View's smallest division with less than 100 employees, we perform a vital service to the rest of the corporation.

The Birth of the Lodge

The lodge is a great location for meetings and for impressing clients or prospective employees. We acquired the old lodge and the land around it in 1997, and remodeled it to meet our needs. The architects and designers took their inspiration from the Solitude Mountain Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.

TravelView: Corporate View Lodge

The initial remodeling and new construction began on June 14,1997. originally called the Corporate View Lodge, the name has recently been changed to the TravelView Mountain Lodge. The new facilities house our many visitors and the unoccupied rooms are rented out to tourists. The property serves as a great location for corporate-sponsored leadership and team building activities.

In addition to breathtaking views from the lodge, the property has a new, adjacent winter sports park for cross country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and other winter activities. In the summer there is hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking, and tremendous barbecues. The Lodge is full almost every night of the week. Not only have we saved a great deal of money on employee and guest lodging, but we have also made it a corporate "calling card."

TravelView: Ski and Snowboarding

The Lodge is at the mouth of a canyon with a million-dollar view of the peaks. We discovered that our visitors look forward to the view, the fly fishing, the nature walks—and doing business with us. Our employees also love working for TravelView because each employee receives a free ski pass for every 40 hours worked. Not a bad benefit! The passes also work in the summer so Mountain bikers can take the lift up the mountain and ride their bikes back down a half-dozen challenging trails.

TravelView: Mountain Bike

The Birth of CV Travel Partners

Because of our positive experience with the lodge, we decided to purchase a small travel agency. A company our size has extensive travel demands. We determined that we could easily support our own agency and reduce our travel costs. We've been able to cut Corporate View travel expenses by almost a third and still remain profitable. We also give ourselves great service because we're our main client.

TravelView Organizational Chart

TravelView is divided into three teams: Human Resources, Lodge Operations, and our bookings and travel agency called CV Travel Partners. The three teams can be seen on our organizational chart.

Access a full-sized view of our Organization Chart by clicking this link.