TeleView: A Division of Corporate View
TeleView: A Division of Corporate View

Corporate View's
Telephony and Electronics Division
Boulder, Colorado

Telephony is electronically assisted, two-way communication between people and places. The term used to apply only to phone systems. It has now expanded to the digital computer world of the Internet. We bring communities of people together through their phones (wired or wireless),  their computers, and their televisions. We do this with state-of-the-art voice and video communication. We pride ourselves on transmissions that are clear, sharp, and affordable.

The TeleView division was organized on February 1, 1994, shortly after the breakup of AT&T. The splintering of "Ma Bell" into eight companies (seven regional phone companies and a long-distance carrier) opened a tremendous opportunity for new players in the telephony marketplace. TeleView's R&D rivals AT&T's Bell Labs in the development of top-quality telephony tools and devices. Our long-distance service is already fourth in the industry, and our telephony products, in terms of gross sales, have leaped to fifth among its rivals. Research and Development has expanded efforts into digital computer and television communications telephony products.

Today, TeleView has 5,437 employees in seven countries around the world:  Australia, Canada, England, France, Japan, New Zealand,and USA. Expansion is planned for other European countries, Mexico, and South America in the next fiscal year. In 1997, we had our first billion-dollar year, with a 15 percent average growth rate in the years following.

In 1997, we had our first billion-dollar year, with a 15 percent average growth rate in the years following. The progress that TeleView has made is remarkable. The organization has flourished.

Moving forward, TeleView has three strategic goals. The first goal is to improve human resources functions and organizational effectiveness. The second is to grow revenue by 25 percent in the next five years, which will require hiring an International Business Management team to promote the business, recruit customers, and maintain customer relationships outside the United States. The third goal is to expand Marketing, Sales, and Support services into the markets of South America and Mexico.