MediView: A Division of Corporate View
MediView: A Division of Corporate View

Corporate View’s
Medical and Pharmaceutical Division
Orlando, Florida

MediView markets a wide variety of products for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. For example, the use of high-tech equipment in surgery created a need for a medical networking system to coordinate all the data a medical staff uses during surgery. Our Research and Development teams worked on the problem and created a system that many clinics and hospitals now use.

As MediView continues to grow, so does our product line. We have just launched a high-tech surgery suit for plastic surgeons. We've also developed laser glasses for surgeons doing orthoscopic surgery. This technology was a spin-off from the research on glasses originally planned for quadriplegic patients to use with computer touch screens.

We have a large research facility devoted to developing and improving pharmaceutical products. We are currently studying drugs that may aid in the cure or treatment of HIV and breast cancer. A new drug for asthma sufferers will be released soon. We currently sell five high blood pressure products and hold the patents on several other drugs.

Our Research Software Group develops programs that allow research facilities to be linked together (sort of an Intranet for scientists). The amount of data these facilities access is staggering, but our software helps organize the research so that different facilities won't duplicate work. We also market software that helps manage the data at each site.