UMAP Modules
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Module # Title
60-62 The Distribution of Resources
67 Modeling the Nervous System
69 The Digestive Process of Sheep
70 Selection in Genetics
73 Epidemics
74 Tracer Methods in Permeability
75 Feldman's Model
208 General Equilibrium: I
211 The Human Cough
232 Kinetics of Single-Reactant Reactions
234 Radioactive Chains: Parents and Daughters
269 Monte Carlo: The Use of Random Digits
270 Lagrange Multipliers: Applications to Economics
292-293 Listening to the Earth: Controlled Source Seismology
294 Price Discrimination and Consumer Surplus
303 The Diffusion of Innovation in Family Planning
304 Growth of Partisan Support I
305 Growth of Partisan Support II
308 The Richardson Arms Race Model
311 The Geometry of the Arms Race
321 Curve Fitting via the Criterion of Least Squares
322 Difference Equations with Applications
327 Adjusted Rates: The Direct Rate
331 Ascent-Descent
332 The Budgetary Process I
333 The Budgetary Process II
340 The Poisson Random Process
341 Five Applications of Max-Min Theory from Calculus
376 Differentiation, Curve Sketching, and Cost Functions
453 Linear Programming in Two Dimensions: I
454 Linear Programming in Two Dimensions: II
468 Calculus of Variations with Applications in Mechanics
506 The Relationship Between Directional Heading of an Automobile and Steering Wheel Deflection
517 Lagrange Multipliers and the Design of Multistage Rockets
518 Oligopolistic Competition
520 Random Walks: An Introduction to Stochastic Processes
522 Unconstrained Optimization
526 Dimensional Analysis
553 Graphical Analysis of Some Difference Equations in Biology
539 I Will if You Will... Individual Threshold and Group Behavior
551 The Pace of Life: An Introduction to Empirical Model Fitting
564 Keeping Dimensions Straight
590 Random Numbers
610 Whales and Krill: A Mathematical Model
628 Competitive Hunter Models
675 The Lotka-Volterra Predator-Prey Model
684 Linear Programming via Elementary Matrices
709 A Blood Cell Population Model, Dynamical Diseases, and Chaos
737 Geometric Programming
738 The Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium

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