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Issue 17, Fall 1999

William A. McEachern, Editor


Nearly all economics departments across the country and around the world have developed Internet sites to share information with students and colleagues. I thought it might be interesting to survey these sites, paying particular attention to what departments say about their economics major. As Yogi Berra noted, "You can observe a lot just by watching."

One might argue that similar information could be gathered from college catalogs or department brochures. Aside from the very real problem of rounding up such material on a timely basis, these publications tend to be pro forma, dictated as they are by college administrators and academic conventions. But department Web pages are still new enough to give us a fresh look into the electronic face that each department presents to students and the world. This issue of The Teaching Economist will offer observations from my virtual tour of over 200 economics departments, primarily in the United States. I will discuss both the medium and the message.

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