Courts Domestic Violence Counselor Domestic Violence Counselors conduct outreach and provide assistance to individuals experiencing domestic violence. Specific duties include providing crisis intervention, safety planning, and short term counseling, conducting weekly support groups for victims as well as advocating on their behalf with criminal justice agencies. Domestic violence counselors provide clients with information and referrals to mental health and other social service agencies and often work to assist them securing housing and safety. - Bachelor's degree and minimum of 2 years experience working with victims of violence - Strong ability to work independently - MSW or graduate degree preferred - Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to work collaboratively or - Strong written and oral communication skills - Ability to work in a fast paced environment, asses priorities, take initiative, meet deadlines - Bi-lingual English/Spanish strongly preferred - Car often needed Average salaries range from $28,000 to $45,000. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) 1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 1603 Denver, CO 80203 Phone: 303-839-1852 Fax: 303-831-9251 National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) 1633 Q Street NW, Suite 210 Washington, DC 20009 Phone: 202-745-1211 Fax: 202-745-0088 keywords Courts Forensic Psychologist Forensic Psychologists apply psychology to the criminal, legal, and justice fields. As a Forensic Psychologist you will provide behavioral health care and the special needs services to Federal, State and local government and private agencies such as mental health hospitals, sex offender facilities, prison and probation services, and juvenile delinquent facilities. The Forensic Psychologist provides individual and group psychotherapy, administers and interprets psychological tests, which are used for diagnosing mental capacities, personality disorders and developing and providing appropriate treatment for patients. Forensic psychologists usually serve as an active member of a treatment team. Forensic psychologists may also be involved in custody disputes, insurance clauses and other law suits. - U.S. citizen - Ph.D or Psy.D. in clinical psychology - Must hold current license in state where applying - Must be skilled in organization supervision and incurrent treatment modalities - Working in prisons may require carrying a firearm The average starting salary for a Forensic Psychologist is approximately $45,000. Federal Bureau of Prisons Department of Justice, Suite 460 320 First Street, NW Washington, DC 20534 U.S. Office of Personnel Management 1900 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20415 (202) 606-1800 keywords Law Enforcement Document Analyst Document Analysts use their knowledge and abilities in the physical analysis of complex problems related to one or more of the following questioned document disciplines: handwriting and typewriting, chemical analysis, and document authentication. These examinations require the use of various analytical techniques to support agency-wide protective and investigative functions. The duties of a Document Analyst involve using a variety of instruments, substances, techniques, and procedures to examine, identify, and classify questioned documents. In addition, the selectee will participate in research to resolve difficult problems and issues from a variety of sources; analyze aspects of technological advances and their affect on operations; maintain liaison with Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies; serve as a witness in Federal and other court systems to present evidence and testimony pertaining to document analysis; participate in the operation of temporary laboratories; and serve as an analyst in crime investigations. - U.S. citizen - Candidates must meet the experience and/or education requirements contained in the Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions. - GS-9 level: requires one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-7 level; or a master's or equivalent graduate degree; or two full years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to such a degree; or an LL.B or J.D. is required. - GS-11 level: requires one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-9 level; or a Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree; or three full years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to such a degree is required. - GS-12 level: requires one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-11 level is required. - GS-13 level: requires one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-12 level is required. Average salaries range from $48,000 to $60,000. U.S. Secret Service Phone: (202) 406-6420 Additional agencies to contact: Federal Bureau of Investigation Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives United States Treasury keywords Law Enforcement Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, responsibilities include complex investigations involving violations of the Controlled Substances Act. This may include surveillance and undercover operations to expose drug operations, such as drug trafficking, and seizing illegal substances and evidence pertaining to the violations. Special Agents commonly work with other federal, state, and local agencies. This position requires the possession of firearms and can be hazardous. After sixteen weeks of training, agents are placed on three to four years of probation. - US Citizen. - Twenty-one years of age, but not older than thirty-six. - Valid driver's license. - Excellent physical condition (including vision and hearing). - Able to obtain top secret security clearance. - A college degree meeting one of the following criteria: 1. GPA of 2.95 or above. 2. GPA of 2.95 in last two years of schooling. 3. GPA of 2.95 in major. 4. upper one-third of class standing. 5. member of academic honor organization. 6. one year of graduate study. 7. college degree with one year of experience in criminal investigations or equivalent. Training consists of sixteen weeks of Basic Agent Training (BAT) at the DEA Training Academy in Quantico, VA. Instruction includes ethics, self-defense, use of firearms, law, court procedures, criminology, investigative techniques, drug identification, etc. Applicants are also required to pass physical condition testing. 1. Submit completed application. 2. Qualifications Review 3. Written assessment and panel interview. 4. Drug screening. 5. Medical exam 6. Physical fitness exam. 7. Polygraph test. 8. Psychological evaluation. 9. Background investigation. 10. Recommendation. 11. Training application pool. 12. Training. Beginning salary $49,700 for GS-5 and $55,000 for GS-p. This does not include locality variance pay. 25% overtime compensation. Contact the local recruiter for detailed description of benefits. Contact the DEA Special Agency Recruitment Coordinator at the DEA office nearest you or call 1-800-DEA-4288 Atlanta, GA Division 75 Spring Street SW Room 740 Atlanta, GA 30303 404-893-7000 Boston, MA Division JFK Federal Building Room E-400 15 Sudbury Street Boston, MA 02203-0402 (617) 557-2100 CARIBBEAN DIVISION PO Box 2167 San Juan, PR 00922-2167 (787) 775-1815 Chicago, IL Division Kluczynski Federal Building 230 S. Dearborn Street Suite 1200 Chicago, IL 60604-1745 (312) 353-7875 Dallas, TX Division 10160 Technology Boulevard Dallas, TX 75220-4323 (214) 366-6900 Denver, CO Division 115 Inverness Drive Englewood, CO 80112-5116 (303) 705-7300 Detroit, MI Division 431 Howard Street Detroit, MI 48226-2507 (313) 234-4000 EL PASO DIVISION 660 Mesa Hills Drive Suite 2000 El Paso, TX 79912-5534 (915) 832-6000 Houston, TX Division 1433 S. West Loop Suite 600 Houston, TX 77027-9506 (713) 693-3000 Los Angeles, CA Division 255 E. Temple Street 20th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90012-1580 (213) 621-6700 Miami, FL Division 8400 NW 53rd Street Miami, FL 33166 305-591-4870 New Orleans, LA Division 3838 N. Causeway Boulevard Suite 1800 Three Lakeway Center Metairie, LA 70002-8198 (504) 840-1100 New York, NY Division 99 10th Avenue New York, NY 10011-4713 (212) 337-3900 NEW JERSEY DIVISION 80 Mulberry Street 2nd Floor Newark, NJ 07102-4206 (973) 273-5000 Philadelphia, PA Division Wm. J. Green Federal Bldg. 600 Arch Street, Room 10224 Philadelphia, PA 19106 215-861-3474 Phoenix, AZ Division Westmount Place 3010 N. 2nd Street Suite 301 Phoenix, AZ 85012-3055 (602) 664-5600 San Diego, CA Division 4560 Viewridge Avenue San Diego, CA 92123-1672 (858) 616-4100 San Francisco, CA Division 450 Golden Gate Avenue PO Box 36035 San Francisco, CA 94102-3431 (415) 436-7900 Seattle, WA Division 400 2nd Avenue Seattle, WA 98119-4013 (206) 553-5443 St. Louis, MO Division 317 S. 16th Street St. Louis, MO 63103-2617 (314) 538-4600 Washington, DC Division 800 K Street, NW Suite 500 Washington, DC 20001-8004 (202) 305-8500 DEA HEADQUARTERS Special Agent Recruitment Mailing Address: 2401 Jefferson Davis Highway Alexandria, VA 22301 (800) DEA-4288 Drug enforcement, Investigation Law Enforcement Electronic Communications Technician There are a myriad of federal agencies, particularly those that contribute to our nation's security, that require Electronic Communications Technicians to assist in the operation and maintenance of telecommunication systems and other electronic devices vital to support their field operations. Electronic Communications Technicians design, develop, test, monitor, and repair communication equipment used in law enforcement and security operations/systems to ensure reliable performance. Electronic Communications Technicians are responsible for preparing reports, technical diagrams and reviewing technical publication. Field work may be performed in various countries and over remote rugged terrain. - U.S. citizen - Must qualify for a security clearance - Must pass a background investigation and personal interview - Must pass drug screening test and physical exam - GS-5 level: requirements include completion of a four-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, electronics, electronics technology; or three years of study in an accredited curriculum in electronics; or a four-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree that included major study or at least twenty-four semester hours in any combination of courses in engineering, physical science, technology, or mathematics, of which at least twelve semester hours included electronics courses; OR one year of specialized experience equivalent to GS-4 as either an electronics technician, inspector or mechanic, or as a television or radio repair technician in a commercial shop. GS-7 level: requirements include one full year of graduate education directly related to the position, OR one year of specialized experience equivalent to GS-5. - GS-9 level: requires two full years of graduate education directly related to the position, OR one year of specialized experience (as described above) equivalent to GS-7; and for GS-11 level: one year of specialized experience (as described above) equivalent to GS-9. Tentative appointees must qualify for a security clearance and pass a background investigation, personal interview, drug screening test, and physical exam. There may be required training by Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies. Average salaries range from $45,000 to $60,000. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Office of Public and Governmental Affairs 650 Massachusetts Avenue, NW. Room 8290 Washington, D.C. 20226 Phone: (202)927-8610 USDA Forest Service 1400 Independence Ave., SW Washington, D.C. 20250-0003 Phone: (202)205-8333 Federal Bureau of Prisons 320 First St., NW Washington, D.C. 20534 Phone: (202)307-3198 Naval Criminal Investigations Service 716 Sicard Street S.E. Washington, D.C. 20388 OR Apply at U.S. Bureau of Land Management Office of Public Affairs 1849 C Street, Room 406-LS Washington, DC 20240 Phone: (202) 452-5125 Fax: (202) 452-5124 U.S. Secret Service Recruitment and Hiring Coordination Center (RHCC) 245 Murray Drive, Building 410, Washington, DC 20223 Phone: (202) 406-5830 Drug Enforcement Administration Office of Personnel 2401 Jefferson Davis Highway Alexandria, VA 22301 keywords Law Enforcement Private Security Guard* Private security guards are hired by private businesses, transportation facilities, and public operating organizations to monitor the flow of people entering and leaving, surveying for breaches of security and illegal behavior, overseeing crowd control, and protecting property. The position may be one involving constant interaction with people or conducted alone (typically at night). Guards use handheld radios to communicate with other guards on duty, video and metal detectors to detect suspicious activity, and computers to track occurrences. Patrol functions are conducted on foot, at a central entrance way or by vehicle to survey the perimeters of property. In 2004, over 1,000,000 jobs in private security existed. - Eighteen years old. - Background check. - Good hearing and vision, physically fit. - Drug screening. - Federal jobs require a written exam and firearm competency. Varies by employer and by state. Some states require those working in security to procure a license/certification. Those working in security may be training in firearms, defensive techniques, surveillance, and administrative skills such as report writing. Federal jobs require firearm training; armed guards in general receive more training. Contact private businesses directly or check the Office of Personnel Management job listings online at The median salary in 2004 for those working in the field of private security was $20,300. American Society for Industrial Security 1625 Prince Street Alexandria, VA 22314 (703) 519-6200 Private security, Guard, Security guard, loss prevention, asset protection Law Enforcement United States Marshal US Marshals team with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to conduct investigations and apprehend fugitives. They also provide protection for federal courts, including the security and safety of judges, court officials, jurors, and witnesses. The Witness Security Program is run by the US Marshal Service. Marshals also facilitate the transportation and holding of those awaiting verdict on a federal offense. Transportation of designated individuals may involve moving a prisoner or suspect to and from federal court within state boundaries, state-to-state, or internationally. When needed, Marshals also oversee jail and prison conditions. - US Citizen. - Physically fit, includes medical, visual, and hearing screening. - Between the ages twenty-one and thirty-six. - Possess a valid driver's license and a good driving record. - Applicants must meet one of the following requirements: - Bachelor's degree. - Three years of work experience. - Combination of college and work experience. Seventeen and one-half weeks of training at the US Marshal Service Basic Training Academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy in Glynco, Georgia. Contact the District Recruiting Office in your area. Salary not including locality or overtime compensation. GS-5 pay scale beginning at $31,000 GS-7 pay scale beginning at $35,000. Benefits include health and life insurance plan, sick and vacation pay, retirement and savings plan. Northern Alabama James Nolan (205) 731-1713 ext 243, (205) 731-0220 fax Birmingham, AL 35203 Middle Alabama Scott Sides (251) 223-7734, (251) 223-7369 fax Montgomery, AL 36104-4055 Southern Alabama Wesley Davis (251) 690- 3589, (251) 694-4825 fax Mobile, AL 36602 Alaska Richard Cobb (907) 271- 4488, (907) 271-3674 fax Anchorage, AK 99513-7569 Arizona Jack Miller (602) 382-8777, (602) 382-8700 fax Phoenix, AZ 85003 Christopher Barrett (520) 879-6907, (520) 879-6970 fax Tucson, AZ 85701 Eastern Arkansas Patti Watson (501) 324-6256 ext.235, (501) 324-6252 fax Little Rock, AR 72201 Western Arkansas Cory Thomas (479) 783-5215, (479) 782-4204 fax Fort Smith, AR 72901 Northern California Jason Garcia (415) 436-7617, (415) 436-7622 fax San Francisco, CA 94102 Eastern California Mike Smith (916) 498-5893, (916) 498-5650 fax Sacramento, CA 95814 Central California Basilio Perez and Tyrone Kilpatrick (213) 894-7302 (213) 894-1641 Los Angeles, CA 90012 Southern California Jaime Stevenson (619) 557-6620 x256, (619) 557-5215 fax San Diego, CA 92101-8930 Colorado Ryan Johnsen (303) 335-3375, (303) 335-3366 fax Denver, CO 80294 Connecticut Eugene Robinson (860) 240-3227, (860) 240-3248 fax Hartford, CT 06103 District of Columbia - District Court (202) 353-0694, (202) 353-0725 fax Washington, DC 20001 (District Court) District of Columbia - Superior Court Joshua Schimmel and Cole Barnhart (202) 616-2714 (202) 616-8666 fax Washington, DC 20001 (Superior Court) Delaware Robert Henderson (302) 573-6176, (302) 573-6218 fax Wilmington, DE 19801 Northern Florida Sixto Boyer (850) 942-8397, (904) 942-8388 fax Tallahassee, FL 32302 Middle Florida Donald Exum and Mike Connell (813) 274-6411, (813) 274-6424, (813) 274-6486 fax Tampa, FL 33602 Southern Florida Dayan Quintana, Heather Walker, George Sinha (305) 536-5913, (305) 536-4942, (305) 536-4763, (305) 536-4684 (Fax) Miami, FL 33128 Daniel Benson (954) 356-7012 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301 Northern Georgia Keith Banks, Lasha Smith (404) 331-6833, (404) 730-9235, (404) 331-3139 fax Atlanta, GA 30303 Middle Georgia Wade Arnold (478) 752-3432, (478) 752-8214 fax Macon, GA 31201 Southern Georgia Joel Paskauskas, Scottie Daniel (912) 652-4212 ext. 234, ext. 225, (912) 652-4064 fax Savannah, GA 31401 Guam David Punzalan (671) 473-9105, (671) 473-9195 fax Hagatna, GU 96910 Hawaii Anthony Cole (808) 541-3000, (808) 541-3015 fax Honolulu, HI 96850 Idaho Glenn Morgan (208) 667-6840, (208) 667-6931 fax Coeur D'Alene, ID 83814 Northern Illinois James Biala (312) 353-0713, (312) 353-7440 fax Chicago, IL 60604 Central Illinois Keith Harrington (217) 492-4430, (217) 492-4718 fax Springfield, IL 62701 Southern Illinois James A. Jackson (618) 482-9087, (618) 482-9235 fax East St. Louis, IL 62201 Northern Indiana Amos Workman (574) 236-8294 South Bend, IN 46601 Ed Payne (219) 852-6776 Hammond, IN 46320 Brent Cooper (260) 423-4667 Ft Wayne, IN 46802 Southern Indiana Ann Chambers (812) 465-6437, (812) 465-6473 fax Indianapolis, IN 46204 Northern Iowa Steven Castelletti (319) 362-4411, (319) 362-7098 fax Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 Southern Iowa Michael Powell, Jonathan Stewart (515) 323-2889, (515) 284-6204 fax Des Moines, IA 50309 Kansas Joshua Moff (785) 295-2586, (785) 295-2548 fax Topeka, KS 66683 Eastern Kentucky Craig Smith (859) 233-2513, (859) 233-2517 fax Lexington, KY 40507 Western Kentucky Jennifer Fitzgerald (502) 582-5141, (502) 582-5023 fax Louisville, KY 40202 Eastern Louisiana Bernie Deschamp (504) 589-2537, (504) 589-4028 New Orleans, LA 70130 Middle District of Louisiana John Thompson (225) 389-0364, (225) 389-0370 fax Baton Rouge, LA 70801 Western Louisiana Andre Fuller (318) 676-4204, (318) 676-4203 fax Shreveport, LA 71101-6304 Glen Belgard (318) 473-7411, (318) 473-7412 fax Alexandria, LA 71301 Maine Thomas Folan (207) 780-3365, (207) 780-3230 fax Portland, ME 04101 Maryland Charlotta Allen-Brown Deputy U.S. Marshal (410) 962-4516 Baltimore, MD Willie Evans Deputy U.S. Marshal (410) 962-4521 Baltimore, MD Massachusetts Joe Norton (617) 748-2530, (617) 748-2559 fax Boston, MA 02210 Eastern Michigan Dee Fulger (989) 893-7404, (989) 893-0210 fax Bay City, MI 48707 Jody Nidiffer, Matt Batcheller (313) 234-5600, (313) 234-5672 fax Detroit, MI 48226 Western Michigan Edith Pickens, Ken Groenveld (616) 456-2438, (616) 456-2474 fax Grand Rapids, MI 49007 Minnesota Nancy Schmidt (612) 664-5907, (612) 664-5955 fax Minneapolis, MN 55401 Northern Mississippi Gus Jones (662) 369-4892, (662) 369-6936 fax Aberdeen, MS 39730 Southern Mississippi William Valentine (601) 582-8464, (601) 584-1057 fax Hattiesburg, MS 39401 Eastern Missouri William O'Shaughnessy (314) 539-2212 St. Louis, MO 63101 Western Missouri Scott Seeling (816) 512-2000, (816) 512-2005 fax Kansas City, MO 64106 Montana Richard Glover (406) 453-7597, x222, (406) 727-9377 fax Kansas City, MO 64106 Nebraska Jay L. Tuck (402) 221-4672, (402) 221-3006 fax Omaha, NE 68102 Nevada Melinda Kormos, Sarah Hutter, Felix Serrano (702) 388-6355, (702) 388-6703 fax Las Vegas, NV 89101 New Hampshire Lee Griffin, Ken Nunes (603) 226-7381, (603) 225-1641, (603) 225-1633 fax Concord, NH 03301-3941 New Jersey Lissette Sanchez (973) 645-2404, (973) 693-4142 fax Newark, NJ 07101 New Mexico Mark West (505) 364-2679, (505) 364-6417 fax Albuquerque, NM 87103 Northern New York Robert Rosato (315) 448-0341, (315) 448-0343 fax Syracuse, NY 13261 Eastern New York Catherine Brady, Robert Evans, Juan Tavarez (718) 254-6700, (718) 254-6720 fax Brooklyn, NY 11201-1818 Southern New York Michelle Mendez (212) 331-7096, (212) 637-6149 fax New York, NY 10007 Michelle Rios-Marsala (646 )805-6617, (212) 637-6131(fax) New York, NY 10007 Western New York Mark Gomez, Brent Novak (716) 551-3017, (716) 551-3085 fax Buffalo, NY 14202 Eastern North Carolina Johnnie L. Dove, Alex Holman, John Hardy (919) 856-4153, (919) 856-4812 fax Greenville, NC 27835 Middle North Carolina Michael Sprague (336) 333-5354, (336) 333-5301 fax Greensboro, NC 27401 Western North Carolina Phillip Thorpe, Tyler Kellner (704) 344-6234, (704) 344-6523 fax Charlotte, NC 28202 North Dakota David Behm, Matt Seyfried (701) 297-7300, (701) 297-7305 fax Fargo, ND 58102 Northern Ohio Timothy Hornung, David Siler (216) 522-2150, (216) 522-7908 fax Akron, OH 44308 Southern Ohio Bradley Stuart (937) 225-2917, (937) 225-2919 fax Dayton, Ohio Northern Oklahoma Jerry Pierce (918) 581-7738, (918) 581-7735 fax Tulsa, OK 74103 Eastern Oklahoma Louisia Murrow, Dan David (918) 687-2514, (918) 687-2513, (918) 687-2526 fax Muskogee, OK 74401 Western Oklahoma Sean Xuereb (405) 231-4206 ext. 135, (405) 231-5597 fax Oklahoma City, OK 73102 Oregon Mike Benbow (503) 326-7112, (503) 326-3145 fax Portland, OR 97204 Eastern Pennsylvania Mark Dunaway (215) 597-0168, (215) 597-1688 fax Philadelphia, PA 19106 Middle Pennsylvania Wayne Gorman (717) 221-2212, (717) 221-4412 fax Harrisburg, PA 17108 Western Pennsylvania Chad Sensor (412) 355-3238, (412) 644-6432 fax Pittsburg, PA 15219 Puerto Rico Cessar Torres (787) 766-6000, (787) 771-1240 fax Hato Rey, PR 00918 Rhode Island John Edson (401) 528-5321, (401) 528-5214 fax Providence, RI 02901 South Carolina Anne McPoland (864) 232-1566, (864) 370-9752 fax Greenville, SC 29603 Johnny Goodwin (803) 765-5921 Columbia, SC 29202 South Dakota Shaun A. Rossow (605) 342-6331 Rapid City, SD 57701 Eastern Tennessee Russ Fields (865) 545-4182, (865) 545-4187 fax Knoxville, TN 37902 Robert Church (423) 752-5115, (423) 752-5119 fax Chattanooga, TN 37042 Karen Burke (423) 638-3391, (423) 638-4971 fax Greeneville, TN 37744 Middle Tennessee Kevin Koback (615) 736-2762, (615) 736-5134 fax Nashville, TN 37203 Western Tennessee Stephanie Creasy, Oscar Blythe (901) 544-0906, (901) 544-4296, (901) 544-4111 fax Memphis, TN 38103 Northern Texas Eric Smith (214) 767-0836, (214) 767-4974 fax Dallas, TX 75242 Eastern Texas John Garrison (903) 590-1370/228, (903) 590-1379 fax Tyler, TX 75702 Southern Texas Justin Perusich (713) 718-4329 Houston, TX Laredo Division Yadira Mejia 956-794-1060 Ext 241 Western Texas Lucy Schott (210) 472-5635, (210) 472-4134 fax San Antonio, TX 78206 Chris Askew, Javier Velasco (915) 534-6779, (915) 534-6777 fax El Paso, TX 79901 Utah Brett Glissmeyer, Brandon VanBuskirk, Danny Potter (801) 524-5693, (801) 524-4359 fax Salt Lake City, UT 84101 Vermont Richard Jessup (802) 951-6271, (802) 951-6378 fax Burlington, VT 05401 Eastern Virginia Anthony Jurgensen (703) 837-5505, (703) 837-5545 fax Alexandria, VA 22314 Western Virginia Matthew Davis (276) 628-9402, (276) 628-8650 fax Roanoke, VA 24009 Virgin Islands Nilda David (340) 774-2743, (340) 776-1105 fax St. Thomas, VI 00801 Eastern Washington Hank Shafer (509) 353-2782 Spokane, WA Western Washington Brian Allan (206) 370-8615 Seattle, WA Fred Edwards (206) 370-8627 Seattle, WA Brandon Ratliff (253) 593-6344 x125 Tacoma, WA Northern West Virginia David Smith (304) 623-0486, (304) 623-5708 fax Clarksburg, WV 26301 Southern West Virginia Jason Richter (304) 529-5560 Huntington, WV 25701 Eastern Wisconsin Chad Bolding (414) 297-3707, (414) 297-1825 fax Milwaukee, WI 53202 Western Wisconsin Paul Sever (608) 264-5161, (608) 264-5396 fax Madison, WI 53703-2559 Wyoming Charlene Sedar, Jason Griess (307) 261-5405, (307) 772-2258, (307) 261-5410 fax Casper, WY 82601 Marshal, Witness protection, Court security Corrections Probation Officer Probation officers are responsible for counseling and rehabilitating offenders without the use of incarceration. Probation officers evaluate crimes and the offenders, make recommendations to the court and facilitate a probation agreement between the offender and the federal, state, or local court. Responsibilities include monitoring the offenders behavior, maintaining records of each offender and his or her progress, and reporting to the court of jurisdiction on the offender's status. Employment can be found under the Administrative Office of US Courts and state probation or judicial branches. Requirements vary but state, but generally include: - Bachelor's degree and/or experience in probation of intermediate corrections. - US citizen. - Driver's license. - Drug screening. - Medical and psychological screening. - For Federal employment applicants must be between the ages of 21 and 37. Training is typically conducted under the state department of corrections or parole board. Check the Office of Personnel Management online at for federal employment opportunities, following the application procedure listed on the vacancy listing. Check state parole and probation boards or department of corrections for state opportunities. Starting salary varies depending on locality $20,000 to $40,000. Benefits typically include medical and life insurance, holiday and sick pay, deferred compensation plans, and annual leave. American Probation and Parole Association The Council of State Governments PO Box 11910 Lexington, KY 40579 (606) 244-8203 US Office of Personnel Management 1900 E. Street NW Washington, DC 20415 (202) 606-1800 (job listing) Probation Corrections Warden Responsible for the administrative and organizational control of a designated prison through the supervision, security and facilitation of training inmates. Duties also include communications with persons outside the institution and enforcing rules and regulations for the safety, health, and protection of both inmates and the community. - Pass a background investigation. - Interview. - US Citizen. - Must not be older than thirty-seven years of age. Two hundred hours of formal training: eighty hours of Institutional Familiarization and 120 hours of specialized training at the residential training center in Glynco, GA which includes firearms training, self-defense, a written test, and a physical abilities test. 1. Submit an Optional Application for Federal Employment (OF-612). 2. Supplemental Qualification Statement. 3. College Transcript. Federal salary is at the GS-15 pay schedule $93,000 to $120,000 (this salary does not include locality pay increases). Life and health insurance plans, retirement plan, vacation and sick leave. For federal employment opportunities contact: Federal Bureau of Prisons 1. Mid-Atlantic Regional Office (303) 317-3211 Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. 2. North Central Regional Office (913) 551-1193 Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. 3. Northeast Regional Office (800) 787-2749 Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 4. South Central Region (800) 726-4473 Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. 5. Southeast Region (888) 789-1022 Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Puerto Rico. 6. Western Region (925) 803-4700 Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. National Institute of Corrections 320 First Street, NW Washington, DC 20534 (800) 995-6423 American Correctional Association 4380 Forbes Boulevard Lanham, MD 20706 (800) 222-5646 Warden, Prison, Jail, Corrections