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Next Generation Science is designed to address 100% of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for grades K-5. Transition to the NGSS confidently and assure students master 21st century science practices and engineering skills.

  • Combine broad science background content with focused, indepth NGSS mastery
  • Integrate hands-on science practices and content literacy toincrease NGSS depth of knowledge
  • Introduce NGSS practices and STEM topics with NationalGeographic Explorers, scientists, and engineers

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NGSS correlated to Exploring Science Grades K-2

NGSS correlated to Exploring Science Grades 3-5

Correlations for Kindergarten

Correlations for First Grade

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Exploring Science

Exploring Science

Developed specifically for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), National Geographic Exploring Science covers 100% of the NGSS for Grades K-5 to ensure student science success for the 21st century. Combine instruction in Science and Engineering Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas, and Crosscutting Concepts to meet the rigor of the NGSS.

  • Focus in-depth on 100% of the NGSS for grades K-5
  • Introduce real-world science research with National Geographic Explorers, scientists, and photographers
  • Connect concise content with investigations, engineering practices, and case studies for complete NGSS emersion

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Exploring Science through Literacy - Kindergarten Grade

First Grade Blackline Masters

Exploring Science through Literacy - First Grade

Second Grade Blackline Masters

Exploring Science through Literacy - Second Grade

Third Grade Blackline Masters

Fourth Grade Blackline Masters

Fifth Grade Blackline Masters

PBS Dragonfly Scientists

Exploring Science Video

Exploring Science Kits Link

How to Use the 5E Model

Exploring Science aligned to NG Inquiry Activities

Exploring Science Teacher User Manual

Exploring Science Materials by Grade