Chapter 5
Self-Assessment 5-5

How Creative Am I?

To evaluate your creative thinking skills, take the following creativity test.

This test is one frequently used by psychologists to measure creativity. The test is called a Remote Associates Test (RAT) because it measures you ability to see relationships between things that are only remotely associated. Read the instructions carefully before beginning the test.

Instructions: Look at the three words and find a fourth word that is related to all three.

Example: What word is related to these three words?

paint doll cat

The answer is "house": house paint, dollhouse, and house cat.

Here is another example:

stool powder ball

The answer is "foot": footstool, foot powder, and football.

You have 20 minutes to complete the following items:

1. call pay line
2.   end burning blue
3.   man hot sure
4.   stick pal ball
5.   blue cake cottage
6.   man wheel high
7.   motion poke down
9.   line birthday surprise
10.   wood liquor luck
11.   house village golf
12.   plan show walker
13.   key wall previous
14.   bell iron tender
15.   water youth soda
16.   base snow dance
17.   stop kart slow
18.   up book charge
19.   tin writer my
20.   leg arm person
21.   weight out pencil
22.   spin tip shape
23.   sharp tick tie
24.   out band night
25.   cool house fat
26.   back go light
27.   man order air
28.   bath up burst
29.   ball out blue
30.   up around rear

Check your answers with the following suggested answers. There may be other appropriate answers, as well

1. phone 11. green 21. lead
2. book 12. floor 22. top
3. fire 13. stone 23. tack
4. pin 14. bar 24. watch
5. cheese 15. fountain 25. cat
6. chair 16. ball 26. stop
7. slow 17. go 27. mail
8. glass 18. cover 28. bubble
9. party 19. type 29. black
10. hard 20. chair 30. end

Normative Data

The following normative data were collected on university undergraduates. Calculate the number you got correct and look up your percentile ranking.

Number Correct Percentile
24-28 95%
21-23 80%
19-20 65%
16-18 50%
13-15 35%
10-13 20%
7-9 8%
1-5 1%
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