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Atomic Structure
Thumbnail Description SWF with Closed Captioning MOV Video
Animation: Atom Showing Electron Cloud (no sound) 01m04an1 01m04an1
Animation: Five Atoms with Electron Clouds (no sound) 01m05an1 01m05an1
Video: Separating Iron from Cereal Flakes 01m18vd1 01m18vd1
Animation: Atoms of Hydrogen and Oxygen (no sound) 02m02an1 02m02an1
Animation: Models of the Atom: Current, Ancient, and Bohr (no sound) 02m03an1 02m03an1
Video: Mg Metal Burning 02m05vd1 02m05vd1
Video: Electroscope 02m06vd1 02m06vd1
Animation: Cathode Ray 02m08an1 02m08an1
Animation: Cathode Ray Beam and Magnet 02m08an2 02m08an2
Animation: J.J. Thompson Experiment 02m08an3 02m08an3
Animation: Canal Ray Tube 02m10an1 02m10an1
Animation: Rutherford Experiment 02m11an1 02m11an1
Animation: Alpha Particles Deflected by Nucleus 02m11an2 02m11an2
Animation: Electron Cloud; Neutron; Proton; Nucleus (no sound) 02m14an1 02m14an1
Animation: Mg2+ Cation Formation 03m07an1 03m07an1
Animation: F- Anion Formation 03m07an2 03m07an2
Video: Big Bang 02m02vd1 02m02vd1
Animation: Magnification of Cu at 30x, 256x, and 900x (no sound) 07s08an1 07s08an1
Animation: Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment act008_media1 act008_media1
Animation: Fireworks (no sound) 07m01an1 07m01an1
Animation: Electromagnetic Waves from Lightbulb 07m03an1 07m03an1
Video: Heated Metal Rod: Light Emission 07m05vd1 07m05vd1
Animation: Electronic Transitions in Hydrogen Atoms 07m07an1 07m07an1
Animation: Electron Diffraction Pattern 07m08an2 07m08an2
Animation: Electrons Orbiting Nucleus vs. Electron Cloud 07m09an1 07m09an1
Animation: 1s Orbital Shape (no sound) 07m13an1 07m13an1
Animation: 2s Orbital Shape (no sound) 07m13an2 07m13an2
Animation: 2px Orbital Shape (no sound) 07m13an3 07m13an3
Animation: 2py Orbital Shape (no sound) 07m13an4 07m13an4
Animation: 2pz Orbital Shape (no sound) 07m13an5 07m13an5
Animation: 3s Orbital Shape (no sound) 07m13an6 07m13an6
Animation: 3px Orbital Shape (no sound) 07m13an7 07m13an7
Animation: 3py Orbital Shape (no sound) 07m13an8 07m13an8
Animation: 3pz Orbital Shape (no sound) 07m13an9 07m13an9
Animation: 3dz2 Orbital Shape (no sound) 07m13ana 07m13ana
Animation: 3dyz Orbital Shape (no sound) 07m13anb 07m13anb
Animation: 3dxz Orbital Shape (no sound) 07m13anc 07m13anc
Animation: 3dxy Orbital Shape (no sound) 07m13and 07m13and
Animation: 3dx2-y2 Orbital Shape (no sound) 07m13ane 07m13ane
Animation: Orbital Alignment for Bonding PtCl3- and Ethene 07m14an1 07m14an1
Animation: 3-D Representation of a Wavelength (no sound) 07s13an1 07s13an1
Animation: Orbital Image Collage (no sound) 08m01an1 08m01an1
Animation: Electron Spin (no sound) 08m02an1 08m02an1
Animation: Electron Spin and Magnetic Fields 08m03an1 08m03an1
Animation: Effective Nuclear Charge 08m06an1 08m06an1
Animation: Electronic Transitions in Fireworks 07m15an1 07m15an1
Animation: The Line Spectrum of Hydrogen act052_media1 act052_media1
Animation: Refraction of White Light act051_media1 act051_media1
Animation: 1s Orbital act054_media1 act054_media1
Animation: 2px Orbital 2px_orbital 2px_orbital
Animation: 2py Orbital 2py_orbital 2py_orbital
Animation: 2pz Orbital 2pz_orbital 2pz_orbital
Animation: 3dx2-y2 Orbital 3dx2_y2_orbital 3dx2_y2_orbital
Animation: 3dxy Orbital 3dxy_orbital 3dxy_orbital
Animation: 3dxz Orbital 3dxz_orbital 3dxz_orbital
Animation: 3dyz Orbital 3dyz_orbital 3dyz_orbital
Animation: 3dz2 Orbital 3dz2_orbital 3dz2_orbital
Animation: Photoelectric Effect act050_media1 act050_media1
Animation: Electromagnetic Waves act048_media1 act048_media1
Animation: Electron Configurations and Periodic Blocks (no sound) 08m07an1 08m07an1
Animation: Hund's Rule (no sound) 08m07an2 08m07an2
Animation: Ionic Radii for Main Group Elements (no sound) 08m11an1 08m11an1
Animation: Ionization (1st) of Mg (Mg -> Mg+) 08m12an1 08m12an1
Animation: Ionization of Mg (2nd) (Mg+ -> Mg2+) 08m12an2 08m12an2
Animation: Ionization of Mg (3rd) (Mg2+ -> Mg3+) 08m12an3 08m12an3
Animation: Ionization of Cl 08m13an1 08m13an1
Video: Reaction: Li + Water 08m15vd1 08m15vd1
Video: Reaction: Na + Water 08m15vd2 08m15vd2
Video: Reaction: K + Water 08m15vd3 08m15vd3
Video: Reaction: Na(s) with Cl2(g) 08m19vd1 08m19vd1
Animation: Determining the Atomic Radius of a Nonmetal (Carbon) act060_media1 act060_media1
Animation: Determining the Atomic Radius of a Nonmetal (Chlorine) act061_media1 act061_media1
Animation: Orbital Energies act055_media1 act055_media1
Animation: Periodic Table Trends act058_media1 act058_media1

The Presentation Simulations in the table below cannot be copied individually to your hard drive. To use them without this DVD, locate the Presentation_Simulations folder inside the /Power_Lectures/General_Chemistry/dswmedia folder on this DVD and copy that folder to your hard drive.
Thumbnail Description
Simulation: Periodic Table
Simulation: Atomic Absorption and Emission
Simulation: The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Planck's Equation
Simulation: Atomic Electron Configurations
Simulation: Electron Configurations, Tutorial Style
Simulation: Electron Configurations of Ions
Simulation: Atomic Orbital Energies
Simulation: Paramagnetism of Atoms
Simulation: Sizes of Atoms and Ions